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Halle Berry’s Creepy Stalker Cleavage Pictures of the Day

I am going to the dentist today, but not just any dentist. The student dentist because it is free and a lot more risky than going to an actual dentist and I am all about risk. That’s why I always tried to get hookers to go bareback but they never feel for it, which is kinda weird considering I am the one who should have been concerned about where their pussies have been and not the other way around….

Speaking of bareback sex, here’s Halle Berry’s big pregnant lady tits taken from some creepy paparazzi photographer who likes climbing trees to get his shot because it reminds him of his previous career which wasn’t really a career but more of a hobby he spend as much time as a full time job on before the police intervened and that was stalking his ex girlfriend.

Either way, seeing virgins get excited over pregnant tits is weird to me, because of the whole process of being pregnant and having a ruined body, but I figured I’d post them anyway, since I am in a rush.

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