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Tara Reid Rockin’ Out on the Bikini Because It’s All She Does of the Day

It turns out that even party sluts need a break every once in a while, you know sometimes they just want to put the binge drinking, late night coke parties, random hook ups, dancing on the bar in a bikini top like an eternal spring break party on the back burner to feel like a normal person. They usually do this by settling down with some random guy they met in the club and it lasts for about a week, until she realizes how fuckin’ boring relationships are and she ends up sneaking out when dude is asleep and goes back to her party slut ways.

The good news is that in the meantime, Tara Reid is settling down by getting in a bikini on the beach with the dude she’s using to feel like a normal 35 year old, because bitch’s body looks pretty fuckin’ banging and drunk or not, I’m down with staring at it.

See More High Res Pics of Tara Reid in Her Bikini in the Forum

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  • Poser

    Why is her stomach all wrinkled?

  • Whoop

    Not that I need to cavort with Tara Reid, but who’s the dude who makes me look like a supermodel?

  • jim

    looks good!

  • jim

    Her stomach is from the lypo. She’s had some serious bad luck with the surgery

  • Cunty Cuntall

    If she likes playing in the Salty Water – then I’d be more than happy to supply her with some of mine. Pass the tissues Mom, I’m gonna have another wank over this Beiatch.