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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Fake Love of the Day

I almost found love as real as Jennifer Love’s love. I was cruising through the ghetto last night and some 60 year old in a belly button shirt and short short approached us and told us that for 50 dollars she would do anything we wanted her to do. We’re talking fucking her from any position, with or without condom, and even busting our load anywhere we want including inside her. The only difference between the love I was going to find with this toothless down on her luck addict with a stretch-marked stomach pushing 60 and the love that Jennifer Love Hewitt has found, is that her whore is a tall normal lookin’ dude, and he doesn’t charge by the hour, it’s more of a full time gig for him and he’s not much of an actor because this shit looks more staged than the high school play I was trying to organize with the local highschool, but that never panned out because the police investigated my intentions when the highschool called them and told them that some random dude with no affiliation to the school was trying to recruit their students into performing live sex acts on stage for him and his friends in his living room.

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  • uncle joe mccarthy

    omg….with no makeup, she is fugly

    who woulda guessed?

  • Slick

    What the fuck are you talking about? That’s about the stupidest fucking article I’ve ever read. Was it supposed to be funny? Informative? Enlightening? Because you failed miserably on all accounts. As a matter of fact I think I lost some IQ points by reading that. WTF?

    I think Uncle Joe McCarthy is a fag….that girl is hotter than hell w/o makeup. He’s looking at the dude and liking him. I think he’s jealous of her.

  • George Bush

    Slick got it right, your a fucking tool Uncle Joe. Fugly? hardly..

    As far as the article, it sucked, christ, my 2 year old son wrties better then that.

  • Slaappy

    Hey take a breath Mr. run on sentence, he is bumming to be now stuck with frumpy butter butt

  • “Fugly, frumpy butter butt”……Hell, I’d still do her. I’m too bust staring at the rack to notice that other bullshit.

  • Andy

    Not sure what fugley means but JLH is stunning, with or without makeup.

  • Pedro

    Too fuckin’ funny. I didn’t actually read the post, but I did the unthinkable thing of getting up for my 11 o’clock. I think I was still drunk and if that wasn’t enough … I drank more. But even in my druken state, I know that “your” and “you are” or “you’re” are two different things. I suppose that’s why I got into Dartmouth and you are sitting in your mother’s basement!

  • hOrNyDeViL

    I dig her with or without makeup. I think she is sexy as hell.