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Jennifer Aniston’s Ass From a Stalker Angle of the Day

The paparazzi are on my ass again for allegedly posting pictures that belong to them and I figured that these pictures they took of Jennifer Aniston with John Mayer because they look illegal to me. They are at some pool and the pics are taken from what’s gotta be a tree or a hotel room balcony with some psycho zoom lens because they look like some serious stalker shit that would normally land someone in jail for harassment but instead can be sold for insane prices to magazines, tv shows and blogs.

I was listening to the local news today and I heard a story about an all-girls school in a state of panic. Some dude they call a peeping tom, who isn’t me, is parking outside school grounds with some insane zoom lens and taking pics of these underage school girls for what I can only assume is for his masturbation. Dude’s totally planned this shit out and drives his van up there and parks in what he thinks is a clever location with his high-end equipment and gets rightfully called a predator and everyone freaks the fuck out to find him and prosecute him. All while the paparazzi are doing essentially the same thing and their only punishment is getting rich off the shit. The law is twisted and I think I am going to start petitioning the local government to put an end to them. It’s really my only option at this point.

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  • El

    Water works as a funky lens so that objects underwater appear larger than they are. If she stepped out of that pool, you would be rather surprised with the difference.

  • Betts

    Jen is the new Paris Media Whore Hilton. Boring.

  • I assume you’re being ironic, since you’re getting traffic from putting the things up on your site. This looks like it was taken at a hotel. Hotel pool = no expectation of privacy.

    Jennifer really does have a cute little ass.

  • JULS

    Is this all that is left of chin lady? Sad!!!

    She needs to dress and act her age……..With all the $$$$ she has I believe she should be doing other things than parading her 39 year old body all day…..

    What a has been!!!

  • ABC

    Are you kidding me? She’s been in her bikini in front of her big hotel for weeks now–she’s begging the paparazzi to take her pictures because she’s DESPERATE! C’mon this girl is as private as Paris Hilton is a virgin. Give me a break!

  • Debster

    Let’s see…

    Brad Pitt dumps her for a *real* sex goddess and what does Jen do:

    1) She dates a balding lush
    2) A crackhead moron
    3) Jumps a younger, extremely unattactive musician

    When she gets so damn desperate that she starts dating midgets, let me know. THAT I wanna see.

  • Kelt

    Heaven forbid that someone in South Florida wear a bikini. I live down here and if you are anywhere near the beach you will see women of all ages and sizes in bikinis. She has always been a beach chick, she usually lives on or near the beach in Cali. At least she has a tight body, I doubt you hags can say the same.

  • Trixie

    Well said Kelt- she’s lovely. Just because she wasn’t into running around the world and raping 3rd world countries of their war orphans- she is now some sort of hag?? get over yourself… all of you. The media is responisible for making her out as some heart broken and said cougar. I hardly doubt she is sitting at home- or poolside at the Madarin worrying what sad and pathetic bloggers have to say about her. You wish you had her life…..

  • pascalee

    Dpn’t wish I had her life because it means my husband would have left me for a younger and sexier woman! Besides, everyone in Hollywood has a tight body, whether it be by starving or surgery. So who cares? All of sudden, Jen is soooo open with this relationship? Now she’s throwing caution to the wind? Whats really up is she knows the Brangelina media blitz is starting. First in Cannes and then with Angie’s movie with James McAvoy. She’ll be promoting “Wanted” and about to pop at the same time. Jen is getting very predictable. This is her way of saying, ‘look at me, I’m not alone. I’m happy”. Very nice of John Mayer to play along.

  • Sid

    Jen’s body is to die for !!! She looks amazing here and who cares if she’s dating John Mayer or spending time on beaches and pool… she’s rich, single and surprisingly looks younger than her age.
    Whether it’s serious or not… looks like she’s having a good time! And that’s all that matters!!
    And for those of you who think she’s desperate and *still* thinking about her ex!!! puhleaze *eye roll* !!!!
    Look into your own pathetic, desperate lives before coming on net and bashing a celeb for no reason ! Jen is a classy wonderful person who deserves to be happy !!!
    You go girl !!!!

  • Kathy

    Ummmm, I think it’s a weirdo signal to Brad…Angelina is all “big and pregnant” and Jen is very publicly dating a younger guy and is showing off the still firm bod…

    I think it would be impossible to distract Brad from the near birth of his twins however, nice try Jen.

  • lola

    what a bunch of hate-mongers, brad pitt did not leave her for a sex goddess, he left her for a desperate bitch that promised him children because she was the one that was desperate to have a man any man cause what she saw was a man (a married man which has never stopped her before) desperate to have kids and she saw a way to get this guy and promised him what he wanted, so who’s the desperate will do anything to get a man skank here? lets be real people and say whatever turns you on but at least speak the truth, younger man you say?what about brad and his younger skank, whats good for the goose etc.

  • anonymous

    I wish people would let jennifer live her life. Angelina jolie is not the hottest chick in the world. I much rather have jennifers nice tight ass and I’ve seen it out the water its nice anyways I’d rather have her ass than angelina flat pale ass. So what if jennifer is bangin a young guy its ok for brad to screw a younger woman but jennifer can’t get some young ass too? Please jennifer is sexy as hell to me and trust she could careless about brad and his crusty big lipped body covered in big gross veins whore angelina.

  • hOrNyDeViL

    What an Ass! I never get tired of seeing her in a bikini. Keep them coming Jennifer.