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Amy Winehouse Out in Her Joggin’ Shorts of the Day

Looks like Amy Winehouse is about to go on a jog and I am posting these for all the haters who said she was only skinny because of crack/heroin/cocaine or whatever drugs she’s on. I always say how nice and fit she looks and people always come back at me about how she doesn’t eat because she’s a fuckin’ addict, while would an addict where gym shorts to be ready because they look like they are scared shitless and about to run away from the voices in their head….I don’t think so. She needs a workout tape so all you fat sluts can follow her lead.

Amy Winehouse reminds me of this Jewish dude who is always hanging out in my neighborhood, not because all Jews look the same, but because he dresses like he’s not rich and begs people on the street for a quarter for a fuckin’ coffee while rockin’ a fatty rolex and designer jeans. I have given him shit before because I only see him on weekends and he’s probably doing it to make an extra 40 dollars a day, while his wife is at the salon getting her hair done or some shit because he’s addicted to money. The point is that he tries to look like he’s ratty and unshowered and like he doesn’t have any money or a nice expensive home, an Amy Winehouse is just followin’ his lead only instead of begging for change she looks more like the kind of girl who will suck your dick with her toothless mouth for drugs, while we all know she can afford to get her toothless mouth fixed and that this is all just a bullshit cry for attention to make a little more money because that’s really all she and the Jewish dude who pretends to be homeless care about. I think someone should fuck the cents back into her and I nominate me because I am not scared of things that stink.

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  • pedro

    something about that chick always gives me a boner

  • xyz

    something about that chick always kills my boner

    edit: make that – ‘everything’

  • Cunty Cuntall

    Maybe she should think about changing her name to Amy Whorehouse ??
    She’s gotta be the new new Courtney Love….SKANK HO.

  • coyyo

    Amy Crackhouse, Amy Whinerack, the list goes on