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Paris Hilton Doesn’t Like Being Asked About Her Inheritance of the Day

So for those of you who don’t know, Paris HIlton’s grandfather is worth 2.4 billion dollars and for her entire useless life she’s been expecting a huge cut of that fortune, but in the last couple of years after realizing that his grandkids are fuckin’ useless, dude decided to put shit up for charity.

In the clip, some British reporter asks Paris about how she feels about her grandfather scaling down on her inheritance and she demands for the next question like some spoiled little cunt who doesn’t wanna acknowledge the fact that her cunt and her antics for the last 10 years that have embarrassed her family are the reason he’s not facilitating their future.

I love how bitch takes this shit personally, like she feels she is somehow owed money just because he has it. I never understand that about rich kids, just because their parents are loaded, they think they are by default, but maybe that’s because I am not rich, but if I was, I can guarantee I wouldn’t just turn the product of my hard work over to a bunch of hungry leeches or to some partyslut with herpes, even if that partyslut with herpes was my wife. I’d rather give spend that shit to myself before I die, or maybe like Paris Hilton’s grandfather, I’d give it to AIDS research to save my granddaughter’s life, because she’s a useless rich girl slut.

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  • HornyLohanWanker

    She isn’t so interesting when there isn’t gobs of money waiting for me at the other end of that diseased tunnel.

    I mean, I would have to cut my junk off after stuffing it in her pooper, and god knows I want a few trunkfuls of cash for that.

  • ash

    shes still loaded…..loaded full of herpes and stds. if not for that id bang that lazy eyed goblin like she stole me gold. she just better keep those boat paddles she calls feet away from me theres nothing creepier than a chick with feet bigger than you unless you have a king of the hill fetish or you find collge ball playing chiks hott. and i dont unless the light are out and im wasted.

  • stupid*people*should*die

    im shocked! absolutely shocked!!! that she even knows what inheritance means, i guess when dealing w/ $$$ anyone can pretend their smart

  • Googolygoo

    Less than $7 million out of $2.3 billion to be split amongst his heirs. ROFLMAO!!!

  • Lauren

    HAHAHA that is sooo funny
    she is ridiculous
    what a spoiled bitch

  • Patrick Y

    In fairness to Paris, it is not like her Grandpa earned the money. He inherited his entire fortune from his dad, Paris’s great grandfather. And the Grandpa in question behaved EXACTLY like Paris. He whored his way through actresses and starlets, and now he is throwing stones at his off spring.

    Oh. Paris’s dad is worth like 300 mil and plans to leave it all to his kids. So the slut will be OK.

  • whotookmystapler

    I thought her worthless parents were getting cut out too.

    Rags to riches to rags in 3 generations.. wishfull thinking.

  • justin

    she can’t ride the reality train anymore in the next 5 years no one would even remember her cause she’s kinda fading out as is…..we could all hope that she kills herself out of depression

  • anna

    I’m pretty sure those are Australian accents there. Of course it could still be on English tv, I’m just saying.