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Paris Hilton Doesn’t Like Being Asked About Her Inheritance of the Day

So for those of you who don’t know, Paris HIlton’s grandfather is worth 2.4 billion dollars and for her entire useless life she’s been expecting a huge cut of that fortune, but in the last couple of years after realizing that his grandkids are fuckin’ useless, dude decided to put shit up for charity.

In the clip, some British reporter asks Paris about how she feels about her grandfather scaling down on her inheritance and she demands for the next question like some spoiled little cunt who doesn’t wanna acknowledge the fact that her cunt and her antics for the last 10 years that have embarrassed her family are the reason he’s not facilitating their future.

I love how bitch takes this shit personally, like she feels she is somehow owed money just because he has it. I never understand that about rich kids, just because their parents are loaded, they think they are by default, but maybe that’s because I am not rich, but if I was, I can guarantee I wouldn’t just turn the product of my hard work over to a bunch of hungry leeches or to some partyslut with herpes, even if that partyslut with herpes was my wife. I’d rather give spend that shit to myself before I die, or maybe like Paris Hilton’s grandfather, I’d give it to AIDS research to save my granddaughter’s life, because she’s a useless rich girl slut.

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Miley Cyrus Does Leno of the Day

Looks like Miley Cyrus got to stay up past her bedtime to make an appearance on Leno, but she was accompanied by her dad, because she’s a minor. I wonder if she’s accompanied by her dad in your sick sexual fantasies that you have of her. I wouldn’t be surprised, but that’s just because you were at his concert in ’93 front row doin’ the achy breaky dance…..wishing you could have the allure and charisma and tallent of Billy Ray….

Either way, I watched the interview and I think she treats her dad like shit. Maybe she knows that he was a big joke in the 90s but for some reason all the factory workin’ women in our nation wanted his dick, or maybe she’s just a product of the generation of self serving, materialistic, obnoxious, wise beyond their teenage years because of shows like the OC and Degrassi, suckin’ dick at 12, doin’ anal at 14, makin’ sex tapes at 14 and a Half like they were paris hilton. Or maybe she’s just a spoiled cunt who needs daddy to lay down the achy breaky law, because you know a molested or abused chick would never act up like this…..

But I guess none of that matters, this Hannah Montanna shit is so bringing in the money hard, let the meal ticket make fun of him all she wants, because he’s got power of attorney over that shit….and the Nazi secret society at Disney don’t like bruises on the girls they exploit……

Bonus: The Interview – If you can really consider that a bonus:

Another Bonus – Miley Cyrus Eats Ketchup Like She’s Poor

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