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Danielle Lloyd Bikini Pictures of the Day

I was just out walking the streets because this has been a hard week or me of writers block and forgetting everything I wanted to talk about on the site and it’s even followed me to bed at night and unlike being followed to bed like a hot girl which would make me happy, the only benefit it has is frustration of having amazing dreams of stories I want to tell you but seem to forget when I wake up, because I drink too much.

So I hit the streets hoping for inspiration and the only thing of interest that happened was when I saw some rich lookin woman in tight pants walking around with a heavy box and I decided to ask her if she needed help with her box and when she hesitantly agreed to let me carry it for her, I said that I was talking about her other box and she just called me a sick fuck and stormed across he street. Sure, it was a standard played out joke, but I feel obligated to drop it every time an opportunity like that presents itself, it’s kinda like how Danielle Lloyd gets into a bikini every time she has a chance, which is always, because it’s all this slut is good for.

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  • karter

    I wish I was as tan as this bitch

  • KJ

    I LOVE danielle lloyd but my skin is too light…I think she only likes black dudes!