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Melanie Brown’s Jungle Ass in Bikini of the Day

Here’s some Spice Girl Melanie Brown in a bikini all bent over and showing off her body in what is probably one of the classiest paparazzi angles out there. I know that shit makes her ass look good enough to perverts who like seeing girls on all fours because they never get girls on all fours in real life but for me, these spying camera shots are uninspired and boring. I think it’d be a lot more interesting if the paparazzi hired obscure artist photographers instead of stupid immigrants with a camera, at least that way I’d be able to post something a little more stimulating to look at.

Either way, it’s nice to see Mel B getting back in touch with her roots in a jungle print bikini, as some sort of tribute to her people that used to run from crazed jungle animals on a daily basis because it’s nice to know that despite having made it and having lots of money and a life of luxury, she doesn’t forget the tribe she came from.

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  • stupid immigrant?

    Stupid immigrants???????
    Nice . Do you even have any idea where your family came from ?

  • babykatd1

    she’s a brick… house!

  • vicky

    re: stupid immigrant,

    He means hiring actual photographers instead of cheaping out on immigrants to get decent pictures.

  • Check out the the tiny lipo incisions in the crease between her butt cheek and thigh.

  • stupid immigrant?

    So vicky,
    Theres no such thing as an actual immigrant photographer ? Is that it ?

  • Douche

    Her “tribe”? You are the ultimate douche bag. She is half white. So if she was wearing a fur bikini would she be making a tribute to her white barbarian side? You are a real grade A dick.

  • Paquita

    HAHAHA, funniest post in a while, fucking people can’t take jokes.

  • Gina

    I think you are racist. If this had been a white girl, you would never had made comments about not forgetting her tribe. I think she looks good. What’s wrong with giving a black woman credit for being pretty? Some of you white people act like it’s a crime to say “She’s got a great ass” or “she’s hot”. You are despicable.

  • Uhhh

    Hey Gina, aren’t you kind of being a hypocrite by ASSUMING that people who write comments that dog blacks are white people? You are no better than they are! They could be from ANY fucking race but you idiots always pull the race card and ASSUME that the faceless person leaving a comment is white.
    Riiight, because it’s impossible for Asians, Latinos, indigents, and any other race outside of whites to hate blacks? Fucking tool.

  • yes

    Wow. That’s a pretty blatantly racist post. The immigrant comment is, at best, borderline, and the jungle woman comment is absolutely ridiculous. Even assuming (very generously) that none of that’s racist, the post isn’t even funny.

  • kevtwo 3

    YOu are a RAcist pig!!!

    And lest you forget ass… the ‘idea’ of the USA is promolgated on stupid immigrants.

  • picci

    you wish you could get some of that sweet black coochie!!once you go black you never go back to bland,boring pale stuff!!!kiss my sweet black ASS……….!!!!!!!

  • Me

    Mel has a smoking body and I think she is HOT no matter what her race. All you people crying “racists” have absolutely NOTHING to say when it is a white girl being bagged on. You have no problem screeching “cracker” and “stupid dumb blonde white girl” (I’m looking at you picci), but being black exempts you from criticism. Please STFU you dumbass hypocrites!

  • lamar

    wow. you have alot of assholes who really can’t take teasing lol

  • You’reAMoron

    Her tribe? You need to rename this site “KKK Stepfather”. The irony of your comment is of that “her tribe” and your tribe are the same. Or are you one of those racist honkies who refuses to acknowledge man’s origins in Africa? I’m sure you are. You’ll deny it even while you’re banging your sister.

  • jac

    I’m white but the excuses white people give when people make racist comments is so lame. “You guys call people crackers and honkys and white trash!!! I am so offended by this!!” Black and white people havent had equal histories and racism (specifically the dumbass blogger’s comments) towards black people is a whole lot more loaded and pervasive. Cracker isnt as bad as nigger, lets not pretend it is. I love when white males (society’s most priveleged) get offended like people getting mad about racism affects them in a negative way. It’s not a new argument, reverse racism that is, but people above the age of 15 have abandoned it because they realize it is inane.

  • wow

    This is plain racist! Its not funny to me. And wheres the lipo cut between her butcheck and thigh I mean we have a blown up picture of her bending over and I’m staring at the picture but cant seem to find the incision…people always try to make up stuf to explain why someone else looks better than they do LOL! She looks good period! her race doesnt mean annything! Get a grip people and wake up!

  • bobthebuilder

    I rarely check this site out. However when I do I specifically look for a post that has something to do with someone black. The first thing is say to myself is “let the racism begin!” I open the post and of course there ya go in the comments something stupid as usual. Amazing. Racism is stupid.

  • FunkyMunkey

    Drunken Stepfather: you’re a bit of a cunt really, aren’t you?

    That’s the last time i visit this site

  • Bitchslapped

    I wouldn’t touch this piece of shit with a stick, damn she’s an ugly skank.

  • Michelin

    Great commentry Jesus Martinez.

    All I would add is that you stop posting pics of these chimpanzees all together. They are so ugly, stick to white wimmenz.

  • captain

    Making jungle comments might not seem a racist thing to you, but it does encourage other people like michelin to say rather rude things. And it IS racist to suggest that she’s wearing animal prints because she’s from a family that ran from animals… And while slagging off white chicks for being white is also racist, nobody gives a flying fuck about white chicks. Including the whiote chicks.

  • Shut it all of you

    I’d sure like to give her my banana.