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Danity Kane Do Bikini for InTouch Weekly of the Day

Danity Kane is some MTV created pop group that is so multicultural my bullshit alarm is going off in my head. The last time 2 black chicks, 1 asian chick and a couple white chicks spent time together was on the motherfucker city bus. The likelihood of them just hanging out together is so far fetched enough that seeing them sing (badly) together is so out there that it reminds me of watching an episode of the Cosby Show and that only happened then because the white people watching the show, since nothing else was on, were having a hard enough time believing that a black Lawyer and a black Doctor existed and needed a few white people thrown in to justify the money the Cosby’s used to buy that house wasn’t made selling drugs. This post may be shitty but I just thrown off by these lies.

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  • annahilton

    ummm… asian? lol.
    fire someone on your research team

  • dion

    maybe you should also watch some of the performances on youtube before you say they sing badly….even their toughest critics say that these girls can sing.

  • sally

    Sexy groups. But I checked the sexiest models’ photos at blackwhitemeet.com, they are playboy women model. Their photos are so hot, Only adult can check them at blackwhitemeet.com.

  • Rex

    They are so cute!I saw them on “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m”,too.Maybe they want to make more new friends.You can contact them on that site.

  • Candi Apples

    Asian?? If you are refering to Aundrea,she is latina.

    But yes,she does look slightly Asian in this pic.

    Danity Kane’s music is mediocre at best.

    And the blonde in the middle(Aubrey) has a
    major coke problem.

    Ah,the wonderful life of Hollywood.

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