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Instagram Slutty Round-Up of the Day

Too many sluts post slutty bikinis and other variations of slutty slut pics – not enough interest for me to write about each and every one of them….so I just compiled all the sluts…into one slut post – even though the non famous trying to be famous with more followers than the actual famous are more slutty and exciting to stare at than these working in the entertainment industry slutys….

Here we go:

Charisma Carpenter – Never Too Old to Jump…or be a Slut…Slut


Francia Raisa whoever the fuck that is….slut..


Hunter Haley King Not in a Bikini but being a Slut so that’s good enough…slut…


Inbar Lavi in the USA colors despite also being an immigrant….Slut


Jojo….Pointing Out her Butt because slut.

INSTAGRAM-JoJo Sexy Snapchat 1

INSTAGRAM-JoJo Sexy Snapchat 2

Katherine McPhee – From American Idot to Instagram Half Naked…slut


Pregnant Katherine Heigl….slut…


Lea Michele Tucked the Dick In…slut.


McKayla Maroney – Olympic Slut Gold Medal Hero…who chose slut over atheleticism…or athleticism slutting…slut


Nadine Valezquex near Water with tits, Close Enough to a Bikini or an immigrant sneaking into the country…SLUT…


Odette Annable whoever the fuck that is with a skinny ass…slut..


Sarah Shahi Shameless Butt Shot – but it is Patriotic – is she even American? Slut.


Hailee Steinfeld – Butt…casual but still SLUT…


Nicola Peltz- Billionaire Slut – Not Doing it for the Money but for the attention a slut gets SLUT

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 2.12.56 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 2.13.04 AM

Pregnant – Spy Kid – Alexa Vega….SO SLUTTY SHE KEEPS THE BABY…SLUT

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Random Girls I Have Never Heard of Buy Who are “Famous” In Bikinis of the Day

I don’t know every girl who poses in bikinis, especially since bikinis are the number one way for people to get noticed on social media, so that even your friends, and friends of friends are posting bikini pics, making celebrity bikini pics irrelevant, especially since some social media girls are more popular than actual celebrities, because they get the internet and the love for tits on the internet…making me see too many bikini pics a day I don’t know what to do with them all, they don’t even make me want to jerk off unless they belong to the coffee shop girl, or actual people in my life, allowing me to be an actual pervert I am meant to be…

So here are a few girls in bikinis I’m seeing on the blogs, who aren’t social media girls, because there are too many social media girls to keep track of, but who are “famous” and in bikinis…for the holidays…

I don’t give a fuck who or what any of these girls are…so if you like them, google them…

Inbar Lavi….

Kareuche Tran…


Linda Park….


Adelaide Kane…


Dani Thorne…


Demi Harman….

Remember there are many hotter more relevant girls in bikinis on instagram….

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Today’s Top 2 No Names in Bikini Round Up Of the Day

Everyday in the celebrity babe blogging world. a handful of girls I have never heard of pop up in the forums , shot by paparazzi, but not in the way you’d want them to be shot, being at the level of fame they are at. You know, in bikinis, on the beach, and people for some reason are so desperate for bikini content for their sites, they post them, like these people fucking matter, when they’d be better off posting pics of any random everyday bitch in a bikini, because let’s face it, everyday bitches are probably as hot if not hotter, but more importantly, just about as famous as these girls, only these girls set up a wikipedia page, befriend the paparazzi, who knows, but the strategy, as low level as it is….works….and here are todays top 2 no names in bikinis…..

1- Michelle Heaton

2- Lucy Mecklenburgh

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Top 4 No Names in Bikinis from This Weekend of the Day

There are a lot of low level trash who put on bikinis for attention -the paparazzi take pics – the blogs write about them like they matter – but ultimately, they are no different than your mom in a bikini, just regular girls with a dream, doing what they can getting half naked for immigrants with a camera.

Here are the top 4 no names in bikinis of the weekend. You don’t know who they are, what they have done, but you have seen them in bikinis.

1- Stephanie Pratt

2- Rita Rusic

3-Maripily Rivera

4-Claudia Romani

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Jersey Shore in their Bikinis Bring a Minute of Calm of the Day

While you slave at work for the man or slave at home for your cunt wife or parents who you still live with because you are a chronic masturbating loser or a slave to the system cuz of your credit card debt that your unemployed ass can’t pay, these pigs are riding thru life without a worry, living the good life, on a free permantent vacation, just acting like useless garbage and not hiding the fact they are useless garbage, because America loves useless garbage, maybe because it distract them from the real issues in life or maybe because you are all a bunch of morons, cuz the USA is a trashcan of culture and Jersey Shore are the figureheads…..

I don’t know when these pictures were taken, but these twats always look the same level of sloppy no matter what they are wearing, I just know they are in their bikinis and feel like that they are the ultimate fuck you to our shitty lives, so that’s why they bring this minute of calm…before we all collectively jump off the fucking bridge.

Pics via Bauer

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Brooklyn Decker, Alessandra Ambrosio and Crystal Renn in Bikinis for Glamour of the Day

Here are some pictures of Brooklyn Decker, Alessandra Ambrosio and some other bitch I’ve never heard of in their bikinis, which is pretty much what they are supposed to be doing because they are bikini models…..

In an era where these bitches are conidered celebrities and constantly have paparazzi pictures of them taken when they are not in their bikinis, like when they are carrying their kid around grocery shopping, or when they are watching Mandy Moore’s ex-boyfriend who they married in hopes of being the next Mandy Moore play tennis, while not in their bikinis, it’s nice to see them back at their roots where they fucking belong….

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Models in Bikinis for H&M Swimwear of the Day

H&M did a pretty boring campaign that involved very little creative direction. They just got 5 models on the beach in their swimwear collection and I feel pretty fucking ripped off. You see, H&M is a huge company and they could have stepped up the shit a little. I mean we’ve all seen models in bikinis on the fucking beach to set a mood and sell bikinis to the masses, but we’ve never seen a campaign that involves those models in their bikinis using my face as a bike seat. Assholes.

Here are some pics of Daria Werbowy, Erin Wasson, Sasha Pivovarova, Julia Stegner and Lara Stone for H&M in bikinis….

BONUS – Here’s Daria Werbowy nude for Dossier Journal’s Spring Edition….You can see model pussy…which is code of hairy pussy cuz pussy hair is apparently fashionable when you work in fashion.

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Liz Hurley and Some Bitches in Bikinis of the Day

Liz Hurley opened up another one of her bikini stores and she wasn’t wearing a bikini. I guess she figures that most of her career relied on wearing bikinis and now that she’s older and less in shape, she’ll just let the bikinis make the money for her without her body and I guess it’s working out….but I’d still like to see her pay tribute to what pays her fucking bills by getting half naked…but I’d rather this scene of her and her two bikini models ended in a bitter and angry ex-model rubbing her sloppy ex-model tits all over the new model’s face before forcing her to eat cake and gain 30 pounds in some 2 month long lesbian kidnap/rape scene…but that’s just because I never hear enough stories about dykes raping motherfuckers with large phallic objects…but that could be a good thing considering dykes who would rape motherfuckers with large phallic objects are probably not the kind of dyke I want to see doing anything sexual.

Pics via Fame

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Some Twins in Bikinis Trying To Get Attention in the UK of the Day

A set of Twins in the UK, who I guess were doing a publicity stunt or a contest for Zoo magazine, showed up to X-Factor with some posters trying to get noticed and I guess it worked because I don’t give a fuck about X-Factor and I really don’t even give a fuck about these tacky bitches, despite how easy they obviously are, proven by their trashy slut hairstyle, probably because my Twin-fetish dried up with all the posts I’ve done on the Good Charlotte Sisters……they’ve ruined twin sex for me, but I am posting the pics anyway…maybe Zoo will return the favor and put me on the cover of their magazine….ideally in a bikini, its a fetish….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Model DJ Duo Kellie Acreman and Lauren Pope in Bikinis of the Day

This is one of those two ugly sluts are better than one ugly slut, but don’t quite equal one good lookin’ slut. It’s what threesome rationale is made of. You know when you’re out getting drunk and you have the option to call your regular jump off, or go home with these two busted chicks who are willing to give you a double blowjob, that you take for the experience, and because the fact that there is two of them outweighs the fact that they are dumpy. It is the same reason these two dumpy girls at the stripclub I frequent try to sell lesbian shows, because no one books their solo dances, and this lesbian fantasy gets them paid.

Their names are Kellie Acreman and Lauren Pope, I have no idea who they are, but they claim to be DJs , DJs I assume play horrible music, who can’t mix and who pretty much suck, but who the Ed Hardy crowd think are awesome because they have tits and because they Ed Hardy crowd has no idea what the fucks up.

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Kourtney and the Monster Kardashian in Bikinis of the Day

I saw Kim Kardashian in person in Toronto last night. She was wearing horizontal stripes and looked like her and Kelly Clarkson had just finished a week long vacation at an all you can eat buffet, but I guess compared to her monster sister, she looked dainty and that’s why she’s so sad about her recent move to Miami, bitch worked better than a fuckin’ diet and workout plan, and here she is in her dumpy body showing off her high waisted bikini bottoms you’d expect to see on a mom of 5 at her 60th bithday party at a resort in Dominican or some shit. If you’re under 30 and rockin’ the uterus spanx shit, you know you’re in trouble, not that the monster Kardashian didn’t already know she was in trouble, despite the mirrors in her house bein taken down, she still sometimes catches a reflection in a window….I’m a little more down with the other Kardashian, but let’s be real for a minute, I’d fuck them both.

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Danity Kane Do Bikini for InTouch Weekly of the Day

Danity Kane is some MTV created pop group that is so multicultural my bullshit alarm is going off in my head. The last time 2 black chicks, 1 asian chick and a couple white chicks spent time together was on the motherfucker city bus. The likelihood of them just hanging out together is so far fetched enough that seeing them sing (badly) together is so out there that it reminds me of watching an episode of the Cosby Show and that only happened then because the white people watching the show, since nothing else was on, were having a hard enough time believing that a black Lawyer and a black Doctor existed and needed a few white people thrown in to justify the money the Cosby’s used to buy that house wasn’t made selling drugs. This post may be shitty but I just thrown off by these lies.

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Pink and Bai Ling Are Friends in Bikinis of the Day

It’s always so exciting when you find out that two celebrities your don’t give a fuck about are friends or lovers. What is more exciting is when you try to figure out exactly how they met each other and make a game out of it with your friends because you are a fuckin’ loser with nothing better to do with your time than worry about this menial bullshit. It’s like – was it backstage at one of Pink’s concerts because Bai Ling has always been a fan of Pink’s music because it really speaks to her even though she doesn’t understand any of the words or maybe it was at a red carpet event where Bai Ling’s nipple was hanging out of her shirt and Pink just needed to suck the fuckin’ thing because it reminded her of her over-sized erect clit that was piercing through her leather pants. I like to think both have the same shitty tattoo artist and are members of the shitty tattoo club, but have a feeling that that club doesn’t really exist because people with shitty tattoos usually love their shitty tattoos and think they are amazing, despite being shitty.

Either way, we know after they sea kayaking, these bitches are going back to Pink’s house, to play with each other’s pink, which in Bai Ling’s case my not be entirely Pink and in Pink’s case may in fact be a penis.

BONUS That’s Not Really a Bonus – Here’s some more pictures of Bai Ling Feeling Herself Up and Showing Some Tit on the Set of the Crank Dat Soulja Boy 2….I take Offense to the Last Picture.

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I am – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Picture of the Day

I walked into a coffee shop earlier today and I sat next to two middle aged mothers who were on some kind of gossip date. They were talking about their friend who caught her husband fucking a hooker in a motel room after following him around all night because she didn’t trust his shit. They started off bitching about how sick of a person the husband was for doing what he did and then one of them went off about the whore calling her job disgusting. She said something like “I don’t know how a woman does it?” or some shit and I pulled out a 5 dollar bill, walked up to her and told her that I could show her. She didn’t laugh and told me to fuck off so I guess prostitution isn’t so easy, even though we’re all whores in our own way. Like I am a whore to this website. I’ve been sitting here waiting for this programmer to give me something to work with and I couldn’t figure out what else to do with myself and I don’t even get $5 everytime I suck it’s dick….

Either way, here are the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue with Marisa Miller on the cover. You’ve probably already seen them already- but I felt obligated to post them regardless because just because the site is down, doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to do posts. Yes, my life is that depressing and the real depressing thing is that I am even more depressed without the site than with it.

Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller Body Painted

Ana Beatriz Barros

Bar Rafaeli

Brooklyn Decker

Daniella Sarahyba

Jeisa Chiminazzo

Jessica Gomes

Selita Ebanks

There are a hell of a lot more pictures out there. Just buy the magazine you cheap fuck.

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