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Crystal Renn for Harper’s Bazaar of the Day

Crystal Renn is some eating disorder model who almost died of being anorexic, before deciding to milk her anorexia, by forgetting to be anorexic, gaining 70 lbs, and becoming a plus sized model, all for a publicity stunt, to get her jobs and make her money…

You know, social commentary on the state of the model industry on women, with their “unrealistic” expectations that I think are totally realistic, and are in fact the only reason she existed…by losing weight for work and gaining weight in protest…while people watched…

It all helped her sell books…

Now she has lost all the weight to become a regular sized model, which is what she always was, but she just got misguided for a bit….and she still gets work, even though that kind of acting up would be enough for me to fire her ass if I was her boss….

And luckily, a lot of her work happens in the Swimsuit edition, and now Harper’s Bazaar….

I am always a fan of bikini pics, even if the bikini pics are on old broken down skinny girl turned fat girl turned skinny girl again…

I’m just that kind of pervert…who likes to see a pussy attached to various states of insanity over the course of its pussy lifetime…..

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Crystal Renn Plus Sized in a Bikini for Hunger of the Day

Crystal Renn is a plus sized model, which normally I frown upon, because fat girls are the worst on all levels, but this fat chick, is just fat in the modeling industry, and not in everyday life by everyday standards….

All thanks to the generation of obesity taking the fuck over. I mean now they are letting actual obese people on TV and in movies and not just for comedic purposes and they even have stores that solely sell product to fat people, not to mention marketing companies, in this anti-bullying world, hire fat spokespeople so the lazy slobs at home have someone to relate to other than having unrealistic people, people I’d rather look at, sell the shit….

Here’s the video….

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Crystal Renn Titties for Numero Tokyo of the Day

Crystal Renn is a model I have posted before….she’s semi interesting becasue she was recruited as a fashion model at 14…only to be told she was too fat to model…leading to the highlight of her career where she was anorexic and aware that fat is evil…before deciding that embracing being fat was marketable to all the fat women out there who are on this “love your body even though you are going to die of diabetes” campaign…..that I think absolutely nothing good comes out of…and clearly either does Crystal Renn becasue she’s dropped her plus sized model weight and is back dwn to a normal size, proving that skinny is better and her fat model shit was just good for fucking busines…as is showing her tits, cuz it means she’s committed to the job….and here are the pics for Numero Tokyo.

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Crystal Renn Titties for Numero of the Day

I like model Crystal Renn …..cuz she shows her titties for fashion….it’s like give this bitch her day rate and promise her it will end up on a prestigious enough magazine….which will look great in her portfolio on her quest to the top…and she’s putty in your fucking hands…you can do anything you want to her…just tell her it is for the sake of really pushing her as a model…when really it’s just for the sake of personal enjoyment of owning a slut and making her jump through hoops like a dancing monkey….a dancing monkey with titties….and the whole thing is pretty amazing…it’s why I love models so much…they are like strippers without all the negative implications of being a stripper…

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Karolina Kurkova and Crystal Renn in a Hot Photoshoot of the Day

One of my pet peaves is when people tell me they are crazy, when I know real crazy people don’t know they are crazy, like me for example, I think I’m normal as fuck, but if you ask anyone, they will just tell you I’m crazy…..

Crazy is over used, over prescribed, over medicated and just an excuse for sane people to justifyu why they “fucked” up or feel fucked up, you know a lapse in judgement, that also works for the courts to get them less jail time….for a breed of people that just suck….

Real crazy, I’m talking actual instutionalized crazy….is hot….primal fucking instincts….just masturbation all day.. that leads to some of the best sex you can get….scary at times..you know since the people who don’t know what the fuck is going on, or who the fuck they are, or who the fuck you are….especially when you work the institution and are in charge of the straps…on night shift….

That’s why this Karolina Kurkova and Crystal Renn shoot is so hot….how all Victoria’s Secret shoots should be done….

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Crystal Renn in Lingerie for Avant Garde of the Day

I don’t like celebrating fat chicks…especially fat chicks who made a career out of being a fat chick…when that career was designed for skinny chicks…that she snuck into by being a skinny chick at 14….before gaining 70 pounds and stirring up a discrimination stink over not getting work…pretty much paving the way for fat girls to model…one of the saddest things in fashion….

But she’s wearing lingerie…and that’s why I’m posting it…because I have a fat wife and I wish she looked this good in lingerie…that way I’d probably be able to distract myself from her stretch marks….floppy ass and disability that makes me wipe her ass everytime she shits in exchange for free rent…but that doesnt mean I like fat chicks in lingerie…it just means this one is less shitty than mine…literally..

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Brooklyn Decker, Alessandra Ambrosio and Crystal Renn in Bikinis for Glamour of the Day

Here are some pictures of Brooklyn Decker, Alessandra Ambrosio and some other bitch I’ve never heard of in their bikinis, which is pretty much what they are supposed to be doing because they are bikini models…..

In an era where these bitches are conidered celebrities and constantly have paparazzi pictures of them taken when they are not in their bikinis, like when they are carrying their kid around grocery shopping, or when they are watching Mandy Moore’s ex-boyfriend who they married in hopes of being the next Mandy Moore play tennis, while not in their bikinis, it’s nice to see them back at their roots where they fucking belong….

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