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Top 10 Hottest NFL WAGS of the Day

I partnered up with MY BOOKIE to make your sports experience more lucrative, less pathetic…and definitely more exciting.

I don’t do sports content. I do pussy content. I never liked sports, but I was always a fucking pervert. I always thought people into sports were fucking weird, who wants to watch two overpaid men run across a line with a ball while wearing spandex….it’s fucking queer…

Then I realized that women, hot women, want to get with overpaid men who run across a line with a ball while wearing spandex…becuase of the overpaid part…hot chicks like dudes with money and glory and Athletes are Money and Glory….

Maybe that’s a reason you’re a fan of these guys, maybe you’re just raised to like it, maybe you have nothing else to distract yourself with, maybe sports are just awesome and I am just out of touch and the real queer…because I know in Europe they think you’re queer if you don’t like soccer…and they don’t listen when you try to show them how queer soccer is…

I partnered up with My Bookie, because even though I don’t do sports, I do slutty content on sluts that like rich guys, and even if I don’t bet on sports, I can say that you should because at least you’ll have a reason to be watching the sports….

Last week, I brought you the TOP MMA girls, saying “Bet on the Fight” and if you took my lead you could have made some money.

This week, I am telling you to bet on the NFL games by CLICKING HERE ….

These are the odds:

Week 7 NFL Odds…

Denver (-2.5) at Arizona | O/U 41
Tennessee at L.A. Chargers (-6.5) | O/U 45.5
Buffalo at Indianapolis (-6.5) | O/U n/a
Carolina at Philadelphia (-4.5) | O/U 45.5
Cleveland at Tampa Bay (-3) | O/U 49.5
Detroit at Miami (n/a) | O/U n/a
Houston at Jacksonville (-4.5) | O/U 42
Minnesota (-3.5) at N.Y. Jets | O/U 47
New England (-3.5) at Chicago | O/U 49.5
New Orleans at Baltimore (-2.5) | O/U 49.5
Dallas at Washington (-1.5) | O/U 41
L.A. Rams (-11) at San Francisco | O/U n/a
Cincinnati at Kansas City (-6) | O/U 58.5
N.Y. Giants at Atlanta (-6) | O/U 54.5

Make your own choices in life, but I can say when money is on the table…this shit is more fun. BET NOW

These are my TOP 10 NFL WIVES AND GIRLFRIENDS…or wallet fuckers who think athletes are gods….the THOTS, the waitresses, the strippers, the Models who secured a good deal with a pro athlete….lots of bootleg Kardashians who were probably smart enough to refuse the condom to be set for life…I mean some of these girls are fucking trash…we should be betting on them, when their ass implants explode, or on what their motivation is to be with a pro athlete….right….


10 – Anna Congdon (@annacongdon”)
Girlfriend of New York Giants running back Saquon Barkleyna



9 – Rosana Hernandez (@rosanahernandez)
Girlfriend of the week for Odell Beckham Jr New York Giants Wide Receiver



8 – Morgan Skriba (@morganskriba)
Girlfriend of Jalen Collins former Atlanta Falcons Cornerback current Free Agent



7 – Veronica Khomyn (@veronika.khomyn)
Girlfriend of Sean McVay Los Angeles Rams Head Coach



6 – Olivia Culpo (@oliviaculpo)
Girlfriend of Danny Amendola Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver



5 – Rachel Bush (@rachelbush)
Girlfriend of Jordan Poyer Buffalo Bills Free Safety



4- Ashley Nicole Roberts (@ash3nicole)
Fiance of Philip Wheeler Atlanta Falcons Linebacker



3- Marissa Powell (@realmarissavannoy)
Former Miss Utah and Wife of Kyle Van Noy New England Patriots Linebacker




2 – Katherine Webb (@_katherinewebb)
Wife of AJ McCarron Oakland Raiders Quarterback



1 – Gisele Bundchen (@gisele)
Wife of Tom Brady New England Patriots Quarterback


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Top “More Famous that Me” Bitches On New Years Eve of the Day

Here are a bunch of random pics of celebrity, models, actresses, uselessness from their snapchat and instagram….I really didn’t put too much effort into this, I am napping, so there’s a mix of all kinds of shit…I avoided the straight up instagram models I like to avoid and I forgot the names of most people, models, you probably jerk off to…so take this half assed list….and remember all lists on the internet are clickbait, half assed, lazy, put together quickly because no one actually cares about journalism, not to mention, if you like a celebrity bitch, you probably follow her and don’t need me shitting on her over a blog to see this shit…right…right….

1- Bar Refaeli Pregnancy….which seems to be a common thread that people announce their pregnancy on social media….so Bar Refaeli is pregnant….something that usually happens to Jewish girls at 30….I wonder how many pregnancy test companies she pitched to get this pic…


2- Izabel Goulart doing Fitness Porn…because she’s a half naked model…and making guys jerk off in the least porny, wholesome way is her thing…


3- Maria Menounos – Not Famous for very much, but white trash like her and you’re white trash, but in a Bikini


4- Anastasia Ashley…because heels in a slutty gold bikini with champange is pretty good NYE concept “art”


5- Lena Dunham….crass, fat, vile, disgusting, Terrifying


6- ELiza Dushku – Because it was Her Birthday…she’s 100.


7 – Melissa Reeves – Because I don’t know who or what the fuck she is…

8- Keke Palmer – Because 2015 was the Year of Black Lives Matter, 2016 the year of Blacklives in Bikinis Matter


9- Ashley Tisdale – Feet for the Foot Fetishists…and Tonya…


10- Nicola Peltz – Who isn’t famous but who is a rich kid and who was in Transformers replacing Megan Fox, therefore famous enough for her ass to get on this site…


11 – Bella Thorne – and friends…including her slutty coattail riding sister because she’s the new Lohan and in being the new Lohan – people are obsessed

12- Lindsay Lohan – “Happy New Years beautiful lands of the world that we visit, Mother Nature and Earth. God bless All in this year to come. Love and Live” and “God bless all and #happy2016 may us all have a full, loving, giving and prosperous new year!!!! ” – Crazy bitch..

A video posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

13- Maitland Ward because she is also about as relevant as Lohan…busty redhead child star gone mad….


14- Micaela Schaefer because she’s about as relevant as Maitland Ward and they use the same fame whoring tactics…

15- Hayley Joel Osment Playing His Sister Emily because it is more marketable…

16- Nadine Velazque – Clever…..

17- Jamie Chung – Flashing in the Snow…


18- Emmy Rossum – Awkward as Fuck


19- Britney Spears…Still Crazy….begging for you to help her escape.


20- Jessica Alba – bottom feeding and peddling her own bullshit products to increase sales like the puppet money grubbing shameless cunt she is


21- Jessica Simpson is the NYE Gas Guzzler – which would explain why she’s half retard


22- Elsa Hosk – Victoria’s Secret Model…and her instagram ass

23 – Stella Maxwell and Lily Rose Depp – Because Hipster models hanging with celebrity tweens is a good time for the coke dealer…


Here’s Stella Maxwell Showing off her Model Moves on her last hike of 2015…no wonder she gets paid a lot…

A video posted by Stella! (@stellamaxwell) on

24 – Nina Agdal Finds Her True Purpose in the World….”Im very disappointed in all of you!!! Apparently you dont care for my food, travel or work out pictures. I hope to find my pants in 2016!!”


25- Shay Mitchell – Because she’s in a bikini and on a popular TV Show

26- Lindsay Pelas – Because she’s got huge tits and a lot of followers on instagram because of her huge tits..


27 – Charlotte McKinney – Because she’s also got huge tits and a lot of follower, even TV show deals because of her huge tits…


28- Alessandra Ambrosio – Frenching Some Dude I assume she had her kids with, but even if she didn’t, is probably rich because models are hookers or at least a variation of hooker…

29- Bieber choking out a bitch trying to use him for followers…then the bitch choking out Bieber…because Gender Equity in 2016….fascinating…

30- Alyssa Milano is a Weirdo Pervert about BReast Feeding – “Almost 16 months of breastfeeding Elizabella. It’s been one of the greatest joys in my life to breastfeed my babies” and realizes that people are also weirdo perverts about breast feeding…since two of her most popular pics are breast feeding…

31- Kate Hudson High Altitude Timelapse Yoga because bendy girls, even old and broken girls, excites me…

A video posted by Kate Hudson (@katehudson) on

32- Victoria Justice and Madison Reed – because they are some jailbait the perverts on the forums seem to fucking love because they are fucking perverts…


33- Christie Brinkley – because at 79 years old, I would still sniff her dirty bikini bottoms….she’s even hotter than her daughters…one is barely 18….

34- Katherine McPhee Kissing Her Friend Because that’s what you do on New Years…unless you have a cold sore or are hated and disgusted by all…


35- Madison Beer – Because she’s got tits and is in bikini paparazzi pics and people are loving her…even though I have no fucking clue who the fuck she is…

36- How about some Ava Sambora because she’s 18, Heather Locklear’s daughter, and in a bikini showing off…why the fuck not..right


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Top 8 New Years Resolutions in Tumblr Pics by ThePornDude of the Day


We all know that you’re pretty much delusional and telling yourself that tomorrow, 2016, all will change…so I decided to google the top new years resolutions that people make, and obviously that they break 15 days, if they last that long….

With the help of our friend The Porn Dude , I was able to find tumblr pics to support this life changing post.

1- Get Fit – because you are fat…all the gyms are ready for your membership application tomorrow, all the regulars are mad you exist you fair weather fitness enthusiast…you’re better off Watching More Porn ,

2- Get a Girlfriend – tired of being alone….2016 is the year for you to settle down and find a girlfriend you can build a life with, unfortunately for you no girl will want you so you’ll have to take matters in your own hands….you’re better off Watching More Porn ,


3- Quit Smoking – This one always makes me laugh…people are weak, the first 48 hours of a smoker’s quitting smoking is the best and usually when they start smoking again…you’re better off Watching More Porn ,

4- Eat Less – This comes in the form of “no carbs”, or “no sugar” and is one of those annoying things so many people say and stick to, because if they did, the world would be a far better looking place, but instead, everyone is obsese…disgusting…and full of processed food…you’re better off Watching More Porn ,



5- Go Vegan – Eating Animals is bad, at least that’s what people are saying, and anyone with a pet has thought of their pet at least once while eating a burger, thinking, “this is like eating my dog, that’s sad”…only the burger usually wins because it tastes good and we don’t really care that much to stop our habbits…plus vegans are fucking annoying….you’re better off Watching More Porn ,

6- Make More Money / Change Your Career – if you’re destined to be a loser, you’ll remain a loser, but the good news is, there are countless losers who make a lot of money, so just be like them and become a vine star or something equally lame because girls love money…and buying people is a nice feeling…so figure it out, but you won’t as you work you way through your shift work at the fast food joint…you’re better off Watching More Porn


7- Drink Less – Never Drink Less…

8 – Do Something New and Watch More Porn ,

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7 Gadgets Gift Ideas For Yourself because No One Loves You not Even this stepGIRL of the Day

This stepGIRL is from the future because Gadgets are from the future…because It’s Christmas, and even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, because no one loves you, especially not the…but rather celebrate “Holiday”…since Christmas is a forbidden word…but you still give gifts to people…because you want gifts given to you…

So here are 7 hand picked gadgets that I’ve decided you should gift people you like, people you hate, pretty much everybody..including yourself ,because everyone hates you, or don’t know you exist and you are all you have in your fucking life…and you even hate yourself, but not enough to not buy at least one gift because why the fuck not….right…

1- Self Defence Pen To Stop Mass Shootings and/or Rape


2- Turn You Bath into A Hot Tub: Hot Tub Party….to get yourself pregnant or to blame the herpes on…


3- Post Modern Skateboard Because Hoverboards that Don’t Hover are for Homos…while this…is just…the future…


4- Outlet Wall Safe – To hide all your important things…too small to store that hooker’s bloody panties…


5- Zoom Lens for your iPhone – To get the extreme close ups of your asshole to send to dudes online when you pretend you’re a chick….


6- Homer iPhone Decal – because you don’t look enough ike a fat virgin loser who can’t get laid…


7- Roller Screen Cleaner For all those pornos you jerk off to…



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Top 114 Drunk Girls for Drinkwell of the Day

My good friends at Drinkwell the geniuses behind a multivitamin for people who drink, have decided to take my health into their hands, to help me be the best at drinking that I can be, by sending me some of their multivitamin designed for people who drink…making me more celebrate the weekend, drinking, with drunk girls…so many fucking drunk girls…get your DRINKWELL vitamins so that you can stay healthy enough to keep on the party…

Long live alcoholism…. DRINKWELL

Get Your Drinkwell Vitamins Here

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Top 3 Booty on a Motorbike of the Day

I didn’t realize this was a thing, but I am kind of happy that it is…I mean I’ve heard stories about girls cumming when on a bike, then I’ve looked at the girls who ride bikes, and historically they have always been fat lesbians who look like they stretch out their labias at night to make a scrotum…you know dude’s who happen to have been born with a uterus…but luckily, I was misinformed and hot girls ride bikes too, but more importantly, people are using their GOPRO to capture it…

Here is another…

And another….

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Top 50 Girls in Bed To Inspire Lasting Longer in Bed of the Day

My friends at PROMESCENT created a pretty amazing product that helps you last longer in bed, something I’m sure most of you can use, because you want to maximize the hour you paid for and you don’t want to have it all over and done with 5 minutes in….or maybe you actually landed a real girl, in which case, you want to keep her around for a few more rounds, since it’s such a rare thing….and the way to do it is to LAST LONGER IN BED

So I decided to compile the best 50 pics I could find of girls in bed, to make you want to LAST LONGER IN BED and here it is….


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Top 5 or 6 Carmen Electra at the Expendables 3 Premiere of the Day

Carmen Electra, a B-List, Playboy chick turned MTV Host, who was actually a fucking babe, despite her stupid fake tits and cheesiness, is still going strong, if you consider going strong, hanging on as fucking hard as she can to her looks because they are all she ever had…either showing up to events or more importantly getting booked for the occasional cameo, something far more impressive than when she was getting paid 2,000 dollars to show up at your local night club to party well into her 40s….

This is what happens when a woman chooses herself instead of having babies…here’s my shitty top 5 – because I am mocking top 10 lists on the internet. Clickbait….works for everyone but me.

1- Despite being plastic – she was able to rotate enough to show her ass from a strategic vantage point…

2- Despite being plastic, she was able to lift one leg and do the Flamigo pose

3- Despite being Plastic she was able to crack some kind of smile…

4- Despite being plastic, she was able to brush her fake hair out of her fake face…it looked so natural…she’s a real talent

5- OMG Two Hands…Double Fisting…Her Favorite


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First 37 Pics of Girls with American Flags I Found of the Day

It’s July 4th. Fourth of July like Tom Cruise, Independence Day like Will Smith…so to fit in with the internet I Googled “Girls in American Flags”…and these are the top 37-ish I found, and by top, I mean first…because it would require work to actually find this shit, and work isn’t something I do…if I did, I would have a job.

Happy Just 4th. Fourth of July. Independence Day.

Go America. To #Freedom while being watched and supervised!

At least one of you will get pregnant, at least one of you will eat a hot dog, at least one of you will see real girls in bikinis, at least one of you will will see fire works, at least one of you will will drink too much, at least one of you will will die from fireworks after drinking too much, and the rest of you…here are some patriotic girls…

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Top Pictures from amfAR’s Aids Gala of the Day

Here’s some Kylie Minoge – Breast Cancer Survivor at some AIDS event that all kinds of models and people who are more important, richer, better looking that you attended. One of those multimillion dollar charity events that the multi million dollar would be better spent on the charity, but why not make it fun for these people who have everything….

This is my round-up…with IRINA SHAYK Lookin’ Like a Russian Bride…

Paz Vega TIts Because I Don’t Know WHo She Is…

Sharon Stone Hard Nipple

Paris Hilton Because She Manages to Make Everything Look Cheap as Fuck

ROSARIO DAWSON’S Window to her Relevance

Lara Stone Because she Tried to See Me

Heidi Klum Getting Molested

Marion Cottilard Feet…

To See the Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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