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Babes in Bed to Celebrate a Good Night Sleep thanks to Physicians Grade CBD of the Day

Physicians Grade CBD

Don’t you want a good night’s sleep For Once in Your Damn Life….

We are all over caffeinated. We are all over stressed. We are all addicted to the internet, porn, social media and sleep with our phones, get our whole circadian sleep rhythm all out of fucking control….from screens…radiation…who the fuck knows…

Up late on dating apps, or this website, alone in bed wondering where it all went wrong…unhealthy and distracted, trying to figure out ways to be better, to get better, to make more money to finally buy that girlfriend you always wanted….

You are not alone, but it has been proven that SLEEP is the number one key to good health…proper sleep lowers all kinds of ailments from High Blood Pressure, to other Cardiovascular diseases, and likely cancers but I’m not a doctor…

I just know that it’s fucking important to sleep, that’s why I don’t have an actual job, I like to wake up when I want, not to some alarm, like a slave of a man…slaving to the people…

Point being….CBD has been proven to help sleep, and so much fucking more. I use it for my digestion…and my hemorrhoids…but the same key ingredient can help you sleep calmly and soundly and relaxed…which helps you be a better you…

Our friends and partners at Physicians Grade have a very affordable solution to help you sleep, that isn’t fucking chemical pharmaceuticals, that the man want you to take to be more of a zombie than you are.

It’s the SLEEP SPRAY and it’s only 20 dollars…and it fucking works…

So get yours, it will help you, and even if it doesn’t, it’s 20 fucking dollars, and worth experimenting with because it could fucking help.

Here are some Instagram Babes in Beds to Celebrate Sleeping….


Physicians Grade CBD


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Fame Whoring for America Because July 4th is a Good Excuse to Fame Whore of the Day

As far as I’m concerned, this is the American Dream…

Being a famewhore on the internet that the paparazzi have decided you’re relevant enough to have your picture taken in themed photoshoots just because they are desperate for content to sell pics…and these famewhores aren’t even that creative in what they do but know if they post theme pics the fame will possibly grow…rather than just ignoring the opportunity to get posted about…

It’s silly, especially since there are girls on instagram who are actually young and hot doing their own version of the famewhore for July 4th….who have more following and more celebrity in their eco system…but the paparazzi is dated and only take pics of nobodies no one cares about..


Alicia Arden – Not a Celeb – But a Famewhore and that Counts….

Arianny Celeste Still Exists…for America

Anna Braga – 50 Year Old Sex Worker

Allison Stokke – Pole Rider

Nadeea Volianova – Whatever the Fuck THis Is…

Blanca Blanco in a Bikini

To See The Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE


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Girls Oiled up of the Day





Lots more after the jump…


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Top 14 SFW Cam Clips of the Week Part 7 of the Day

We love webcams, they are responsible for 98 percent of our happiness, but not just for the obvious reason, but because these women are creative and amazing, capable of so much more than what you’d expect of them, you know fucking themselves with objects for tip money, you know they have to be engaging, entertaining, funny and weird to keep people locked in and wanting to tip them to do naked and amazing things with objects shoved inside them….and for that reason alone…we must celebrate the SFW moments…EVERY WEEK HERE…sometimes Twice a Week if the Mood is right…and these are a few we pulled this week….all weird…all the time….

If you’re inspired to find your own clips, or to see some of these girls get naked, visit some MyFreeCams – that’s where I go for all my Cam Girl Needs…with account for 98 percent of my happiness…

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Girls Smoking Weed Compilation of the Day

Weed is becoming legal in Canada…I guess it is legal in a bunch of states…which is obviously something that makes total fucking sense…considering we are all grown ups here and should be able to decide what plants we want to grow and smoke…not to mention weed hasn’t killed anyone…and the fact that it has been controlled for so long is fucking idiotic…why do you people let your governments control these things…it’s just fucking crazy…but not as crazy as the day it goes legal…the same people enforcing it being illegal…you know wasting tax payer money to create systems in place to catch and arrest people growing what is a simple plant to grow…a fucking weed…everyone will just accept it being legal…proving they thought it being illegal all these years was fucking idiotic..and the fact it’s not legal everywhere…idiotic…especially since everyone and their moms have smoked weed…but because the government says “Cool dawg, you can smoke now dawg…get smoking”….

What a fucking weird society…

That said, legal marijuana has rapidly improved the consumer cannabis buying experience — from gratefully accepting whatever “dreg” the drug dealer had to offer for too much money, laced with angel dust according to the Raegan administration, WAR ON DRUGs, to modern-style boutique dispensaries with an incredible selection and personalized recommendations for the strains that’ll do you just right. This shit’s gone BOUTIQUE…and it’s making it a real business, product, commodity…and that’s interesting…

Plus, the internet is helping moderate the market, so that shit isn’t unaffordable, with a select group gauging…people can shop from home, no sketchy nonsense, because why leave the house and interact with idiots if you don’t have to..

Companies like DopeBoo are on the forefront of an industry make-over, with tons of selection, thoughtful curation, incredibly knowledgeable support….and from the comfort of your own home…because why leave the house and interact with idiots if you don’t have to…

They sell a bunch of stuff, and I’m happy call them a partner, because I like to support the independents while I know evil corporations are moving in…

So here are their best selling bongs

These are some of their best vapes

And Then there’s some classic GLASS PIPES

Here are a bunch of pics of tumblr girls smoking weed!!

For more Visit DopeBoo

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Vaping Has Gone High Tech of the Day

You don’t need to be jizzing your pants for the new iPhone 8 this month, you know fighting in line with people over getting an overpriced pocket computer that is linked up to a centralized system and that allows you to use apps that track your every move, your every word, and even turn on your camera and track your every awkward moment, both at your discretion and behind your damn back, in what must be efforts of population control and creating a militarized nation of drones…some post or I guess pre apocalyptic shit…

Because Technology can be used for good…like in the vaping world…a world that has taken both the nicotine and marijuana smokers by storm..you know smoking out of papers that’s your grandpappy’s method…the future is here, the future is now, and thanks to people like CLOUDIOUS9 the future is their HYDROLOGY9…..

From their site:

Painstaking attention to detail is the hallmark of the Cloudious9 product design philosophy. Everything from the mouthpiece to the bottom chamber cover is the result of countless revisions and optimization of user experience. Every shape and material used has its reason, and all of the reasons are aimed toward a brand new user experience.

Some Features:

-Liquid Filtration Reinvented with “Tunnel Tube” Bulit-in Water Filtration System.
-Mouthpiece & Magnetic Cover
-Borosilicate Glass Body
-Large porcelaine container
-Even Heat Distribution
-Chip controlled temperature integrity maintenance features

So get yours now, don’t wait in line for the wrong TECH device, get the RIGHT one…without the wait…to be the coolest motherfucker on your block..like these cool cats getting down with their CLOUDIOUS9 in these pics…


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WonderWoman36DD is the Can Girl of the Day

Her name is WONDERWOMAN36DD ….I am going to assume that is her stage name and not her birth name…because I doubt you’d know when she was born that she’d be a 36DD and more importantly, naming your kid WonderWoman36DD would probably be confusing especially when applying for jobs…unless it was the “right” kind of job…like being a cam girl..

A self starting, entrepreneurial and taking control of her life where that she gets to showcase her amazing and massive tits from the comfort of her own home – while dudes like you jerk off to her…something she’s apparently very INTO…at least according to her bio…

My biggest turn on is a guy who isn`t afraid to ask or tell me what his fantasies are… I really like to make guys cum. If I could, I would LOVE to just have everyone cum ALL OVER me! 😉 SPOIL ME!

Sounds good to me, here are some of her cam girl pics…because I love monster tits…huge tits…amazing tits….

Damn she’s good…


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