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Nurses Gone Naked of the Day

I think the weirdest thing in these nurses, who you are all celebrating as heroes and discounting people who get paid more than they do for not being as important as they are, while we’re all slacking waiting for our COVID vacations to be over, is that some of these nurses who are hustling only fans on the side to make extra money, like perverts, either to please the fans or to please themselves from the attention they get, as a stress relief or a a distraction or to get off….and all I gotta say is “GET OUT OF THOSE DAMN SCRUBS THEY ARE FULL OF VIRUS”…not “let me fist myself with my COVID hand”…

It’s weird and as the Hall Monitor I am…I gotta say, get your clothes back on, just because you wear pyjamas all day doesn’t mean you should be doing this….you have a career, be professional….I love sluts as much as the next guy, but it’s context man, people are dying…they are paid by the government, your tax dollars, to do this…get the fuck out of here.

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