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Queen Latifah is Out in a Bathing Suit of the Day

Whoever said that big is beautiful was wrong and these pictures of Queen Latifah prove that, so does my wife when she runs around the house in her underwear. These pictures also prove the quality of floatation devices, because I know that if I was the poor fucker she was riding, I wouldn’t be holding up so well. I guess the good news for some of you sick fucks who don’t care how fat a chick is as long as she has tits, is that she’s not too embarrassed to get into a bathing despite, even though she should be.

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  • Shes always made me mad, big can be beautiful, if you puts the effort into. I personally just think shes too lazy to trim down, so she added her whole “big beautiful” so she wouldn’t have to do anything. thank god I’m no were near as big as her.

  • Jerry

    Call Jenny Craig

  • ANDY

    Big can by ugly and it can be beautiful, depending on the person. lets hope your wife does not (now or in the future) look like Amy winehouse. Nog big, not beautiful either. What a simple man you are.

  • Queenie’s a’ight.

  • sally

    Yes, big can by ugly and it can be beautiful, depending on the person. I saw many BBW photos at blackwhitemeet.com. you can go to there to check them out for free. Also you can chat with them there.

  • George Best

    utterly disgusting..even if she likes hersef, pride should take over at some point and she would lose a few

  • Jack

    Mmmm, not her fan. I saw her profile on “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” last week. “She is already in relationship with a young billionaire on our site”, according to the officials of that site.

  • Candi Apples

    Doesn’t look like the Jenny Craig is working
    for Queen Latifah.

    Maybe Jenny Craig should hire a new spokeswoman for
    thier campaign,as they are starting to lose credibility.lol