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Lake Bell Does Details Magazine of the Day

Her name is Lake Bell, I never heard of her, but even if I had, I probably wouldn’t remember because she seems like nothing special. This is her Details Magazine shoot that probably comes with a really interesting interview if you are gay or a fan of Lake Bell, but since all I hear when girls talk to me is the fantasy of the moans and grunts they’d be making when having sex all while staring at their tits, I feel like her actual opinion on things would take away from that. Who cares about how she got into the business when she could be crawling around on all fours, I guess it’s just a question of prioritizing and time management and if she wants more successes should keep her comments for someone who has no choice to listen to them, like her mom, because all we really want is to see her vagina talk.

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  • Trey

    That’s not your mother, that’s a MAN baby!


    I feen very gay for having looked at that first pic. I have seen more convincing trannies. They ones who try anyways.

  • eltejano

    Is that Kristen Bell’s dad?

  • Trey

    Kristen bell’s dad, that’s comic gold Jerry, gold…

  • uwe

    She looks like crap is those pictures…

    think I saw her in surface… looked better there… but hey if she was lying with her arse up in the air, I would tap it…

  • gagee

    Um … sorta looks like Charlie Sheen with tits

  • Ashley

    Is that seriously a girl? I’m actually genuinely asking. Because she looks like a dude.

  • Michelin

    That’s a tranny, if I was a woman that looked so ygly I would pour acid on my face. Jesus, just kill it with fire before it breeds.

  • Nigel

    Totally a guy in drag. “She” looks like a poor man’s Rumor Willis, in like 29 years, so its possible “she” may be a girl.

  • Candi Apples

    I have no idea who Lake Bell is,but she’s one ugly
    piece of ass.

    She looks like a tranny,not a lady.

    Woof woof.

    I thought the women in Details were supposed to be hotties?

    I should write the editor in cheif of Details,and asked him why they put such an ugly creature in their layouts.

    I repeat,woof woof!

  • emute

    this is so fake… no way on earth this piece of shit is a girl!

  • i swear.. at first i thought she was a dude.

  • Sally

    What a ^%$&$%$ manï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼?ï¼?The magazine SEEKING GOSSIP reported him joined the rich man seeking
    sugar babies site”S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” and he is mentioned to find his sugar girl there! the magazine foolx he????????????or fools us。。。。

  • Victoria

    That must be a man…….has to be………or one fierce ugly woman.

  • lady garden

    she used to fuck colin fucking farrell

  • is that a man ….baby

  • covey

    Just saw her on a rerun of Boston Legal and she was hot!
    Definitely not a man…

  • Flatumaster

    Michelin’s comments are tired. Get it???

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