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Matthew McConaughey is Drunk of the Day

A reader recently reached out and told me that they wanted some Matthew McConaughey news, I didn’t really know why but assumed it was because the reader was a poofter and into dudes and wanted some pics to get of to because he thought McConaughey had a rockin’ bod or some shit, so I told the motherfucker that I don’t want no faggots ’round here and tied him to the back of a pick-up truck like he was a black dude from the south and drove for 18 miles. I am just kidding, I only went 10 miles, but dude won’t be asking me for no faggot pictures anymore.

I know I should have taken the jock approach to gay bashing where you fuck the dude up the ass senseless hoping to fuck some sense into him because we all know that when you fuck a dude up the ass to teach him what being a faggot’s all about, it means you’re no faggot but just a teacher, despite how gay the act of fucking a man up the ass is.

Either way, I don’t know where I am going with this, but I am not actually a gay hater, I was just talking craziness, if anything I am an honorary gay because I write about celebrities, I don’t fuck my wife and I have great taste in colors and here is Matthew McConaughey wasted and having an amazing time in Central America doing what I do best without the obesity, anger, puke covered shirt or fingers inside an unsuspecting passed out whore.

All while leaving his pregnant maid back at home because you can’t give her preferential treatment just for letting you plant seed in her, the other maids will revolt and then no one would be there to cook dinner, clean the Air Stream or do the laundry….

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  • pennwood

    He may be drunk and ‘over there’, but she’s got the kid and a firm grip on the money …. she’ll be fine. (she looks great too)

  • tojesuswithlove

    dear jesus:
    i don’t know if this means anything to your lazy ass but today you made my day and i swear i am not some random loser with nothing better to do than be on your website
    your writing improves everyday!

  • Candi Apples

    I used to think men who drank and did coke constantly were kind of hot,cause I was attracted to men who liked to live on the edge.

    But ppl like Matthew McConaughey now disgust me,as they tend to sleep with anyone who walks,smell like shit,and don’t seem to have much ambition in life..

  • i used to drink, smoke pot and do coke every day – then i got married. so be warned fellas – getting married ruins your life and if you are lucky you just lose your house to the wife. if you are unlucky you get stuck with her and have to pay bills for the rest of your life!

  • Burbach

    Thanks for nice post.