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Kristen Bell Bending and Stretching of the Day

I know you want to fuck Kristen Bell and it must bother you to see her bending and stretching for one of two reasons. Either she’s sore from how hard Dax Shepard slammed the shit out of her, or she’s preparing to bang the shit out of him. It’s the excitement of young love where sex is the priority and you can’t get your hands off each other no matter where you are because the raw sexual energy takes over all levels of thought and logic and it must be pretty painful for you to watch because the only thing raw in your sex life is your dick for rubbin’ it down to the bone.

Either way you can be happy to know she’s rockin’ the birth control patch on her leg so that this cocksucker Dax doesn’t accidentally pollute her womb with his spawn that I can only assume will be a lot easier to hate than him.

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  • Chrissy R

    Dax is a talented lovr, Kristen is a lucky girl!!

  • Michelin

    He has great restraint and for that I respect him. I would have impregnated the chick right there in public.

  • Candi Apples

    I guess we know how Kristen Bell keeps her trim figure……

    Yoga,and lot’s of sex with that loser Dax.

    But,at least she is smart enough to be using some form of birth control,as I can’t even imagine what a child between these 2 would turn out like.

  • Jessica

    Hopefully if they ever have a child it will have everything Kristen has and nothing Dax has. Then it will be a good kid.

  • Peter

    She looks SO beautiful. I saw her personals ID on wealthy men for beautiful women site “”””S e e k i n g R i c h.c o m”””””” last week. It is said she is datiing young billionaire on that site.