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Kim Kardashian’s Ironic T-Shirt of the Day

So Kim Kardashian has created her career by pretty much whoring herself out to Paris Hilton to be seen and known and then by whoring herself out to Ray J and the porn company that bought her sex tape for 5,000,000 dollars, leading to more opportunities to whore herself out to the paparazzi with tips of where she was going to be so that they could get pictures of her that could be distributed to the world and to people like me to write about her, making her more relevant or at least relevant enough to land a TV show, where she whores out on camera because people see to give a shit about what her uselessness does in a given day.

Now she wears T-shirts claiming that she’s not another photo op, or that the other day when she went shopping, she wasn’t another photo op, and that’s pretty funny to me, because I know that she probably has the paparazzi on speed dial and probably staged today’s pictures in hopes of getting in a magazine or on a blog, but wore a shirt pretending that they are invading her privacy.

Celebrities and almost-celebrities, love these fuckers. They love the cameras and cry like little girls about them for show, all while using them as the most important marketing tool in their whole career plan and the whole thing is offensive to me, but not nearly as offensive as Kim Kardashian’s fat ass that is clearly nothing special to look at and very reminiscent of the fat chick who works at McDonald’s down the street from me, who has had a few too many Big Macs, but not enough to beat my wife in an old county fair weigh-off, but at least my wife knows she isn’t sexy and has no business wearing tight jeans, mainly because the biggest sized jeans we can find don’t fit over her disgustingness, but that’s got nothing to do with Kim Kardashian and her eating disorder.

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  • fkitty

    She is such a cuttie. Her photos were seen at millionaire persoanals site ******M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m*****last week. It is said she is already in relationship with a young billionaire on that site now.

  • John Poo

    I’d like to rape her with my fist, and then shove my entire left foot inside that mammoth cavern she calls an anus. Then I’d blow my load all over her Armenian whore lips.

  • emute

    she is the ugliest fat bitch running around these days.. seriously that ass is the WORST thing thats ever hit the screen.

  • doodoo

    i use to like the fat ass now its just dumpy….gross

  • wooohoo

    she has a pretty face…southbound butt and boobs…and ummmm is ther anything else to this “personality”…? naw didnt think so

  • DeeDee

    Kim know exactly what she is doing. She is famous for nothing. The paps and hanging with Paris is what made her famous.

  • NiceOne

    She is not fat she is a beautiful woman. I am tired of people calling a woman who is curvy fat. I guarantee you who ever wrote this article she looks way better than you or your girlfriend.

  • whitgurl

    that fourth picture of her back side look deform. she does not have a nice ass like she claim she does, and im talkin from a white girl point of view she need to sit her slutty ass somewhere

  • just me

    Kim is GORGEOUS!! She has curves and is NOT fat! REAL men love curves on a woman not bones sticking out.

  • Firestone

    This whore really loves Big Black Dick.

  • Dr. Kiti

    Damn dude, this broad is not fat. What, because you can’t count her ribs she’s fat? Oh, and about the booty…you can always tell who doesn’t like real women. Real women (not little girls, or chicks with eating disorders) have curves. Don’t be afraid of the curves. You can be toned and have curves. I’d like to see what you guys look like, probably a bunch of REAL fat slobs who’ve never done a push up and couldn’t fathom doing crunches. This is bullshit. It’s totally natural for women to have curves (to accomodate the babies that we are built to carry) and alittle extra fat (to insure that our babies survive). Anyone who doesn’t know this or believe did not pay attention in physiology. Go get your mind right before you talk shit about someone’s body.