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Leelee Sobieski Hides Her Bikini in a Gypsy Dress of the Day

I was sitting in a ghetto part of town tonight, drinking a beer on a patio that overlooked the water and the people next to me were a lovely Jewish couple who clearly had a lot of money, but were rolling through the same digs I was, because they were cheap. I was alone and had no choice but to listen to their chronic complaints about the price of the food and how other restaurants chargin 15 dollars for a steak or highway robbers. Now I don’t have any money, but know that if I was to go to a restaurant and see a steak was 15 dollars I wouldn’t give a fuck. Now I don’t live in a mansion, drive a luxury car, or send my kids to 20,000 dollar a year private school or stage 20,000 dollar winter vacations because I don’t celebrate Christmas, and I don’t fucking concern myself with a 15 dollar steak and I don’t think they should either. I guess when your wife has a Jewish dog face, your priorities shift and instead of dealing with the real issue at hand, you focus your energy on insignificant shit.

I was doing a little research regarding the war going on in my email about Judaism being a race and not a religion and figured out that the Jewish population made a huge comback since the holoaust making me believe that in order to maintain their religion and bring it back to a stong number, they had to fuck family members and that explains the issue everyone has about my Jewish girls looking like dog claims. It’s not a race or cultural issue, it’s a backwoods issue of incest and if it makes everyone feel better, backwoods products of incest have ugly wives and complain about the price of steaks too, but that’s just becuase they are used to eating mud and mud is free.

All this to say, Leelee Sobieski may be Jewish and have fatty tits, but she still stays covered up in her gypsy outfit like a good Jew keeping her historical roots alive. I hear her boyfriend fucks her through a hole in a sheet too, but that could just be a rumor. Here’s her poor excuse for a bikini picture.

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  • fkitty

    She looks sexy. I love her. I saw her profile on m’illionaire d’ating s’ite “””””M e e t i n g W e a l t h y.c o m””””” last week. Is she single now? Just curious!

  • thebronze


  • Found your site on a facebook group, do you use facebook daily?

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