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Alicia Keys and Her Thick Legs of the Day

My wife told me i am getting fat and that when I walk, my tits bounced. I asked her if she’s looked in the mirror over the last 5 years, because she’s so fucking fat, she’s got tits growing on the back of her fuckin’ knees. She then told me that she was at a friend’s house watching Oprah and they said that for every 30 pounds you lose, you gain an inch on your cock. That way when I fuck her, maybe I’ll be able to make it past her labia and she’ll feel something. I told he that her fat herpes ridden pussy is the last thing I want to make it into and that I am going to go out and try to gain another 60 pounds so that I don’t even have a penis anymore because that’s what she fucking does to me, she started to cry, but not as loud as Alicia Keys’ piano stool, she looks heavy and I assume shit is reinforced, otherwise it’d be trying to kill itself by breaking in half. Here are some pics of her thick legs performing recently because you’ll take what you can get.

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  • mossduncan



    man alicia legs are getting thick along with that booty. the waist is still the same size she fine

  • Ari

    When did she go and get so gross and fat? Much fries? She was hotter when she was thin. I like ’em fit and skinny.

  • Esse

    I don think they are thick

  • olivio

    that is sum hella fine

  • funny

    what this guy said in the intro was really some funny shit shit had me rolling on the ground

  • jon

    you fuckin crazy man she is so sexy them legs are nice and i would tear that up maybe you should treat your wife better if she need a real dude to get in that pussy and handle tell her to get at me peace