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Some Busted Faced British Chicks in Bikinis of the Day

This is what Birtish Soap stars look like in bikinis, an outfit unemployed British men everywhere probably prefer seeing these girls in, not because bikinis make life a better place, proven everytime my wife sits in my neighbor’s backyard under the sprinkler to keep cool in the summer, since the heat is like death for her and her heavily insulated body, and death for me, because of the smells that come with profuse sweating from her ass, but because some girls just look better naked than clothed. These girls have these cartoon lookin’ wonky faces that make me feel like I am watching some low budget british documentary on the longterm effects of unfiltered, mercury contaminated water near some steel factory in working class neighborhoods, but when you take off their clothes, they are totally worth fucking…from behind…to prevent nightmares, or permanent psychological damage that turns you homo.

Their names are Adele Silva and Verity Rushworth, in case you were wondering, which I doubt you were, because ugly faced girls have the ability to make hot bodies unfuckable and we hate them for that internal battle they cause us trying to figure out whether or not we can get really go through with watching theirn disgusting chompers eat dinner just to get in their their pants and that kind of debate shouldn’t happen when it comes to getting pussy.

If these bitches were nice, they let their bodies go south, to match their faces, that way we wouldn’t have to deal with these kinds of internal debates about whether we’d bang them or not because the truth is, despite how busted these girls are, they have an ego and false sense of what they look like and actually fancy themselves to be hot making the liklihood of you getting up in them, even if you don’t really want to and are just doing it because there are no hotter chicks around and a pussy is a pussy even if attached to shit, is impossible.

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  • Kyle

    You’re way off, gaybar.

  • rain

    I think I’ve ever saw her on ☆☆☆ wealthyromanceS.Com ☆☆☆☆ It’s a place for romancing with the rich & celeb….

  • Jerry

    My standard is nowhere near as high as yours Jesus, those girls are HOT!

  • Frothy Afterbirth

    His standards are not high, they’re quite very low actually or he wouldn’t still be married to his wife. But he has to dream for something better so has to shoot for the moon on a woman’s hotness scale.

  • Mark

    What i wouldn’t give to see these to bitches do 2 girls 1 cup.

  • Buddy you need glasses, or maybe a catscan ( lets see if you have any brains left). Those girls are Beautiful…

  • ass

    The one in the red is HOT!

  • Michelin

    They are so Jewish looking, lol all british women are ugly as dogs. The odd hot ones are exception and usually 2nd generation from foreign parents.

  • Michelin, I get the impression you have never been to Britain? Or are blind? I would pick a British girl over a girl from the USA anyday!

  • Nice girls.. right size bikinis.. why no men around?

  • Fuck Tupac

    Michelin you fat sweaty ignorant sex-pest unwashed piece of fucking shit.
    Please do me 2 favors:
    1) NEVER get a passport
    2) NEVER breed. Although you probably won’t have much choice with this one.
    However if you have had offspring – some lardy pig-faced genetically-suspect inbred slut piece of cunt may have somehow agreed to accept your stubby little pecker -then please drown the little turds so your foul chromosomes no longer infect the gene pool and your family’s rancid legacy dies and is forgotten.
    You cunt.

  • Michelin

    Calm down, ‘lads’. British women are ugly, period. Australian are right behind, so don’t sweat it. I think you’ll find more bangin beauties in Afghanistan than in UK, not to mention the teeth and oily skins. Yuck.

  • Fat-Man

    you can’t just say a whole country is ugly. if a woman from the US moved to UK then they would be ugly too?

  • colin thornton

    You’re all cunts. Pussy is pussy.