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Jennifer Aniston’s Sad Hard Nipple of the Day

Jennifer Aniston’s nipples are always hard, I remember that shit being the only reason I watched Friends, or thought that she was hot in any way. But today’s hard nipple is different and not a hard nipple of happiness but a hard nipple of desperation. It stems from the news that the love of her life and ex-husband, Brad Pitt, who wouldn’t get her pregnant, has just given birth to not 1 but 2 babies with another woman.

You know that as she cries on the inside, the only baby cries she hears are the ones in her broken reams and her nipple is feeling that pain and it slowly puts itself out there in some kind of hormonal reaction to the news, just hoping there was a baby of its own to feed, but no matter how hard it looks or tries, it won’t find one, becaue there isn’t one.

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  • oscar

    Ever saw some celebs on .·:*¨ wealthyromanceS.Com ¨*:·. ” It’s a site dedicated to rich people/celeb and the admirers.

  • Ron

    What does the media see in this ugly bitch? They always talk about her no talented ass. Fuck her! Put a bag over that head you fucking ugly whore!

  • Ron, perhaps you crave romance with the rich & celeb?

  • I never noticed her nipples on friends, i was shocked one day to find out that my other half actually fancied her the most out of the friends girls… I mean, wtf?

  • Poor Jen needs some serious black dong action to forget about Brad Pencil Dick Pitt.

  • juan bigone

    Shes a pathetic crybaby.She and her nips can piss off.Good luck in your search for children with that ass pirate Jhon Mayer.What a world class choad.

  • juju

    You guys are losers she’s a beautiful woman and she doesn’t even talk about brad anymore for christs sake leave the woman alone already and move on from this stupid brad pitt crap its so old. She can’t even walk to her car without a bunch of crap being said about her.

  • Don

    Yeah, well juju – did you ever wonder if there were really good reasons for that?

  • I’d happily give her a baby, or six. And keep her sad, hard nipples company. Besides, hasn’t she been boinking that John Mayer person? They can’t be that sad.

  • Xoxo

    Having twins these days = fertility treatments.

  • evans

    Jvon, Johnny Pee Good has boasted about peeing on his women – it turns him on. He’s deleted this and other stuff from his blog though. heheheheh

  • Sprmcandy

    Jenifer is really pretty, she turns me on. I would rub my cock on her hard nips until I squirted sperm all over her sweet face. Again and again.

  • tralala

    you are sad people. leave the lady alone.

  • Candi Apples

    I wonder how long the romance between Jennifer Anniston and John Mayer will last.

    I hear that John Mayer is largely endowed,so I think we all know why she is dating that talentless shmuck.

  • I Dont Give a Fck

    Everyone should get a life! I mean seriously! I

  • oscar

    I am an idiout that cant not spell or use corrrect grammer and always try to spam ever one with some stupid website that no gives a shit aboot.

  • Tania

    Leave Jennifer alone already! Jeez! Especially you, RON! Didn’t your mother ever teach you to not say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say? Jennifer is beautiful and talented. She and Brad broke up after 5 years of marriage. She’s over it, he’s over it. Leave her alone. She never even mentions Brad and/or Angelina. Leave her alone. She’s done nothing to deserve such harsh words.

  • mike yk paahana

    das nothing my gf nipple stik way more out when she cold

  • Give me one night with Jennifer. Id gnaw her nipples raw, split her buttcheeks wide and lick her butthole with a vengeance!!!