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Fergie’s Ass in Shorts of the Day

I am hurting today because the weekend was involved a lot of drinking, drunk driving and passing out in beds with my stepdaughter and her friends, fondeling one of them and getting me in trouble. I do remember that through the messiness that is my life, I had a conversation about Fergie with a Fergie hater. I had her back, not because I think she’s hot, but because I know she’s hotter than anyone you’ve ever fucked and because she was the ploy of the Black Eyed Peas to make a ton of fucking money, because before she was in the picture, they were just a second rate hip hop dance act that were self promoting themselves so hard that they sat outside a club in Montreal about 4 years ago handing out stickers for their new album, the one before Fergie blew them up. So you can look at her, dis her for being muscular and rough lookin, but all I see is ta prized meth addicted pussy with dollar signs for an ass and here it is dancing on stage in shorts.

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  • rose

    I think I’ve ever saw her on ☆☆☆ wealthyromanceS.Com ☆☆☆☆ It’s a place for romancing with the rich & celeb….

  • Jim

    Bohica Fergie. Bend over here it comes again!

  • pennwood

    Nice !

  • rose

    I am an idiout that cant not spell or use corrrect grammer and always try to spam ever one with some stupid website that no gives a shit aboot.


  • Candi Apples

    Fergie may be rich,but she’s still fugly in my books.

  • Frothy Afterbirth

    Ah butt her dumper is USDA Prime Grade A Choice.

  • joe

    Not bad for a trannie….if you’re into that.

  • Steevo

    nice pooper!!!

  • Blackowako

    For all you closet racist devils who usually roam this site. Here’s one for ya. Fergie looks like a filthy white whore who loves black cock.

  • Rowland

    cool picsxxx