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Gina Lisa’s Full Sex Tape of the Day

I posted these nude pics of Gina Lisa (pronounce GEENA not VAGINA , even though she used her vagina as a lame attempt to get attention and more work sent her way by releasing a sex tape.

Now, I am all for girls fucking on camera and letting me watch the shit, but from my experience it doesn’t always lead to new found interest and success, usually it’s better to not get naked so that people always lust after you, because once we get the pussy, we usually just forget about it and move onto other pussy.

The only real reason the sex tape worked for Paris was because it was taboo, she was rich and rich kids weren’t supposed to act like that and it ended up thrusting her into the spotlight and made her a lot of money, but for someone who already looks like a whore and who you’d think was already a seasoned pornstar buy lookin’ at her, it may just lead a a bad porn career, because based on this sex, she’s not very good, it is just more evidence that if a girl thinks she’s hot and shit, she just doesn’t perform as well as an ambitious and hungy ugly chick trying to prove herself by overcompensating on the dick, the way I like.

Either way, watch it if you want, it’s barely NSFW and her co-star is some balding chubby dude with no porn dick, something that will make your jerking off to it more intimate and realistic like shit’s in the “first person”.

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  • ldy

    There is another gossip – Jenifer Aniston joined a celeb/rich dating site ( wealthyromanceS. cOm ) as she is alone for so long!

  • ldy

    ☆☆☆☆I am an idiout that cant not spell or use corrrect grammer and always try to spam ever one with some stupid website that no gives a shit aboot.

  • Jackhammer

    she ain’t bad for a “celeb” porn tape….she gives a decent blowjob and doesn’t neglect the balls, he rims her and they appear to have anal sex….the cell phone checking is not good, but otherwise it looks passable.

  • Candi Apples

    Gina gives German girls a bad name,not that they really had much of a good reputation to begin with….

    This girl is a total skank,and what little career she had has gone down the tubes.

    I guess she forgot that her main demographic are
    10 to 14 yr olds.

  • Loren Mckillip

    A true critic would have also found something positive to say about the models construction and overall appearance. Ask Mr.Ebert.