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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham in Farrah 2 Backdoor and More EXCLUSIVE of the Day

In the event you haven’t heard. The Teen Mom Farrah Abraham dabbled in porn back in May…We had the exclusive clip that everyone loved…especially me…because I think I fell in love…

I think it was the highlight of her career, if not her life…probably more important than having her child, who if she actually cared about, would probably not be participating in unprotected sex with male pornstars, but doesn’t care about that…it’s about Farrah and all the attention she can get directed her way…and what’s not to love about that….

That’s probably why she’s releasing another one…Farrah 2 – Backdoor and more…and we have the exclusive….


Sure it could be footage from the first shoot she signed off on in May, not knowing there were more movies to come, but it is safe to say she is all about this, because otherwise it wouldn’t be happening…she’d be back home, working a normal job, being a normal mom…but I am so glad that she is not….

I guess her aspiring TV Series dreams like she was a Kardashian didn’t pan out so well with her sex tape, that just lead to doing more porn…and love her or hate her and everything her not so wholesome nymphomaniac publicity seeking ass is all about…I am just just I get to see her publicity seeking ass….getting fucked.


It may not be a leaked tape, it may not be an authentic, but it shows the world the kind of girl she is…now that we’ve already seen her backdoored and squirting…very little is left….but apparently there’s more…because she’s got all the fucking moves and she fucking loves it….but not nearly as much as I do….


She’s fame hungry, or just cock hungry, or just money hungry. Maybe she likes to to fuck on camera. Maybe this is her dream. I’m not a fucking therapist. I don’t care what this does to her or her families life, I mean the damage is already done…might as well keep going down this path, especially when built lil this.


I worry that she’s sabotaged herself, that she’s been over exposed…that no one will care about seeing her fuck, but then seeing her actually exposed, fucking like a machine, doing such a good porno job of it, I realize…this is her calling…this is her talent that and it is perfect…it makes me realize none of that bullshit that surrounds her actually matters as long as she’s just fucking perfectly…and she is…


I am sure she’s not the first teen mom to get into porn, if anything she did it the right way…and watching her…convinces me of that…and will convince you…

The union of a man and woman shouldn’t be a sacred thing, at least not when being filmed on a sex swing. This is hot and I generally can’t stand porn…

Good job Farrah…I bow down to your hustle…it’s a good one…If you’re not sold on how awesome she is yet….BACKDOOR AND MORE PEOPLE…BACKDOOR AND MORE….

Follow This Link

Thanks VIVID.com for making all our dreams come true this morning!

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Pippi LongStocking Sex Tape Exists of the Day

Her name is Tami Erin, which is convenient because it sounds like a porn name, and she is probably best known for being Pipi Longstocking in the 80s TV show…here she comes…

No one remembers….but she’s trying to make people remember her by posting suggestive pics of herself on Twitter looking’ like a whore who fucks on camera on a twitter….and fucking on camera…because she has virtually no following…and a sex tape scandal can fix that….

The storyline of the scandal is that her ex is shopping the sex tape around, and TMZ has already seen the clips, but without Tami Erin Longstocking singing off on the shit, legally no one can do anything with it, otherwise people could get arrested, because it is porn….

That doesn’t mean you won’t get to see it, it just means that she’s playing the victim angle so that when you do see it, she comes across as someone who has nothing to do with any of this shit, even though she poses in her underwear on the internet, and seems like someone desperate enough to do something like this, pretending to not be the mastermind, hoping it leads to a Dancing with the stars gig, because really what else is there out there for her.

The fact is, with porn, she legally has to sign documents and releases…Kim Kardashian had to do it, Paris had to do it. These leaks are all staged.

No one has heard of Tami Erin, and anyone who is still a fan of hers is seriously a fucking creeper, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t watch her fuck….because I would….especially since I know she’s a whore just by looking at her twitter pics…and I love watching whores fuck on camera…even when they pretend they aren’t involved in the whoring….especially when they pretend they aren’t involved in the whoring…it’s just a level of desperation I appreciate.

Here are some of her pics…to get you ready for her big re-launch…

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Myla Sinanaj’s Anti-Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Trailer of the Day

Myla Sinanaj is some big booty bitch who “dated” Kris Humphries after his whole 5 minutes of marriage with Kim Kardashian tabloid fodder…and in efforts to keep her big booty relevant, because dating an athlete got her in the tabloids riding Kim Kardashians’ fat tail, she might as well continue the trend and film her own sex tape that she’s spinning as being better than Kim Kardashian’s tape and that includes anal…but not just any anal, anal she is pretending is being taken from her for the first time….on video…by some Kris Humphries lookalike for all your Kris Humphries and the big bottomed women he loves fetishists…that is anti-Kim Kardashian….released by the homies at VIVID. Here’s what they had to say about it…

Watch Internet sensation Myla Sinanaj devour her massive Kris Humphries look alike. Myla is insatiable as she tries to one up her arch nemesis Kim Kardashian. As the Kim tape rolls Myla shows why she’s one Backdoor expert. In the sexy no holes barred romp Myla shows why she’s one hot Backdoor babe. This ain’t Kim xxx..hotter then hell

I haven’t seen the video, but I am going to say I love it and I appreciate her effort in making this happen. I also love the concept of making it a battle sex tape, you know going up against KIM K like it was the WWE….it’s funny…even though Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was a lazy performance, no matter how famous it made her…

I like any girl who is groupie-ing on an athlete, getting hooked on his past famous wife, a wife she tries to look like, who is probably a professional at this kind of thing, finally accepting her fate and fucking on camera, even though she doesn’t have the money or contacts Kim Kardashian had, making you think she may just end up fading out like so many sex tapes before her, but still leaving a legacy for anyone to cross reference in the event this does work out for her…even though all odds are against it…

Sure she’s not my kind of girl, you know thick, rocking booty generally don’t like, but I love this classy shit….it’s fucking amazing and worth watching….


or…. Visit Vivid.com

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Farrah Abraham at the EXXXOTICA Convention of the Day

Those of you who know the site, know that I LOVE PORNSTAR TEEN MOM FARRAH ABRAHAM, who I traveled to Florida to have a chance to stand 10 feet away from and judge in person, because let’s face it, I don’t want to meet her, and apparently either do many people.

The pornstars hate her, but they don’t matter, they are pornstars and she outsells their gutter hooker pussies any day, even if she’s technically one of them, she’s above them and allowed to be a snob about it even if the fans weren’t really there to see her, even though she was the biggest star in the room, maybe because teen mom fans are in the midwest getting pregnant and not in Florida at porn conventions.

She was the only one with a roped off line, which happened to also be the only one who didn’t have a line…

Here’s a quick recap of my date with Farrah Abraham – from a distance…because that’s all I wanted.

Day 1 –

First She Ran Away from me…as most girls do…

Then things calmed down, way down, we heard crickets, as no one lined up to see her, I guess they either didn’t care or were intimidated by her amazing performance in her SEX TAPE

But it gave her time to check her texts…and tweets…to remind herself that people do care…as people do in all lonely and awkward situations…

Then people noticed her and that she was that chick from TV who made a hugely successful porn, and now she made her first 20 Dollars signing…it was exciting for her!

Then she got her ego back and said No…this is her in the process of saying no…to 2 young girls who were actually excited to see her and not pervert dudes who just like collecting autographs of bitches who fuck on camera like they are action figures or Magic the Gathering cards.

After watching the porn, I didn’t think NO was in her vocabulary. You learn something new everyday at the EXXXOTICA convention…

Day 2 – Same Dress….I guess it’s her porno dress.

Things started to pick up for her, the paparazzi were called, they were in full force, and she was glowing with excitement…finally…the flashes she craved!! She was able to make a little money, selling autographs and DVDs directly to the perverts…

It’s nice to see things work out for her…

Look how happy she was…this is fantastic career moves for the 21 year old. Only good things can happen from her and whatever she applies herself to, she’s going to be a huge star.


I am still a fan of her squirt, even if she wasn’t very friendly, got mad when people took pics of her, and acting like an overall spoiled brat, when working a porn convention floor, something that in and of itself…can’t make you a brat.

She’s going places…and I am watching from 10 feet away…because I am a creep and despite all the hate she gets, I love the hated, it kinda makes me want to make her a “In her 20s Mom”….but squirting and anal does that to me…cuz you can’t get pregnant from anal. #FACT.


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The Highlight of the Week….of the Day

Hands down, the hightlight of my week was watching Farrah Abraham, teen mom, squirt in her sex tape …..I was given an EXCLUSIVE CLIP OF HER SQUIRTING ….and I haven’t stopped watching it, 5 days later….

It is the only thing that Matters….

Sure, I’ve been doing this internet blogging thing for a long time, and yes it is more humiliating of a job for a grown man than driving around in a Mini Cooper.

So Yes, I know the way this industry works. I know that everything is a lie. That all the backstory is just bullshit. She was offered money to shoot a porn, they decided to hire a pornstar to shoot it, and market it as a sex tape, all shocking and people paid attention because we like watching broken girls who we know for not fucking, start fucking.

She was a broken teen mom to begin with, I mean 90 percent of teen moms I know become hookers, strippers or pornstars. She kinda set herself up for it, or more importantly, the relative who taught her how to squirt when she was 8 years old, leading to her life of sexual deviance did.

She’s not that hot, her implants are shit, her face is busted and semi retarded looking which I don’t mind, cuz I love watching retards fuck, and her story line is such bullshit, it’s almost hilarious, but her little body taking it up the ass is magical. She knows what she’s doing…..

Farrah Abraham will not be the next Kim Kardashian, a good thing for us but maybe not for her. This will not end up being a gateway performance to more TV shows. All this is is the first porn, the million dollar cash grab, that will become a regular thing, because guess what, she’s done it once, it’ll be easy to do it again and right now she may not be the biggest thing in entertainment, but I’m sure her DVD is selling better than all the other porn chick DVDs….

Here’s the SFW trailer for my friends at ROMANCEBEAT

Click here to see my Exclusive more HARDCORE SQUIRT FILLED CLIP

It’s totally worth it…..fuck watching my clip go BUY THE DVD …this is the kind of thing worth going back to old technology for just to put it on your shelf next to all the sex tapes before it…


Farrah Abraham doesn’t matter, she will be forgotten, even if her amazing porn lives on forever, but I say let’s give her those 15 minutes, her squirting makes her worthy….



She’s better on mute, except when she begs for dick in her ass. Her pussy is less battered than an actual pornstar, despite being a mom, she’s skinny and what better way to celebrate mother’s day….


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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Working the Pole of the Day

The thing I like about this pic of Farrah Abraham working the pole like a stripper, a fit little stripper with shitty fake tits I want to pay 10 dollars a song to touch, is that I’ll take any excuse to push her SQUIRT AND ANAL SEX TAPE that I haven’t been able to stop watching on repeat…..

She’s a star, we’ve found her talent, and I predict she will take over the porn game if she hasn’t already…

She squirts, she does anal, she’s tight bodied, and she fucks porn dudes. She’s cock hungry, a sex addict, and works the camera proper…

She’s been waiting for this moment all her life…and I am glad to have been able to masturbate to it…..


She’s Training for her future career….For some of us, it’s like watching your kid in med school…..big dreams baby…

If You Want to See Her Hot, Squirt and Anal Filled Trailer for her Sex Tape

I just can’t get enough of this girl….I know all you haters will hate, call her too skinny, tease her bad implants, say she’s got a bad face, but come on, she’s doing fucking porn, if you ever see some of those porn chicks, you’ll know, this one here is fucking golden….and if you don’t believe me, just watch the video….

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Superstar Backdoor Mom’s Exclusive Clip of the DAy

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Farrah Superstar Backdoor Mom

(click the picture to see the NSFW porn clip)

The Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, Superstar Backdoor Mom – porno movie has finally dropped, and it is full of teen mom pussy….wet Teen Mom pussy that you can see and hear getting fucked by a dildo in a car, begging for James Deen’s professional porn dick, that you can see in the shower, or that you can see getting it from behind in a a bed talking nonsense but most importantly – Squirting.

She’s got all the fucking moves. I may be in love.


She’s 21, she’s fame hungry, or just cock hungry, or just into being a pornstar, because usually when 16 year old girls get pregnant, they are the early developer, sex addict, horny all the time, damaged cuz their dad’s or uncles touched them inappropriately, that by 21, equipped with fake tits, they are ready to take on the porn world. It’s a classic porn backstory. Did I mention there’s squirting….I am in love.


I just don’t get why she’s pretending this is a leaked sex tape, or anything but a porn, when she decided to shoot it with a pornstar, she needs to embrace her talents….did I mention she squirts….and take over the porn game.

But why analyze, when instead we can watch the biggest thing in porn today, someone who I am sure will have another performance, as this is going to be her career, unlike Kardashian who just used it to get a TV show thanks to being spun as the violated victim, despite ultimately, just being a porn slut.


Thanks VIVID.com for making all our dreams come true this morning!

This is the hottest sex tape I think I’ve ever seen, even if it’s just a porn clip, it’s amazing, she’s good.

Did I mention she squirts.


Don’t be embarrassed girl, that was fucking sexy…

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Teen Mom Farrah’s Sex Tape Screencaps of the Day

Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, 21 year old with a dead baby daddy, forced to single mother her way through life, especially now that she’s off the show and no one cares about her, doing it right, by producing some porn, with an actual pornstar, and not even with a boyfriend, putting her shitty ball shaped implants on blast, and likely taking it up the ass, cuz she’s learned, as most teen moms do, that cum in the pussy leads to horrible things, even when those horrible things are the only reason we’re talking about her, you know anal is the best birth control, especially when the pussy involved is ravaged to shit.

Here are the first screenshots. The movie drops monday. I’ll have a clip. I am ready for the clip….

I am so into single moms turning to porn to get by right now….


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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham SEX TAPE to be Released by Vivid!

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Vivid SEX TAPE Farrah Superstar - A Backdoor Mom

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Vivid SEX TAPE Farrah Superstar – A Backdoor Mom

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has reportedly been paid 1,000,000 dollars for her sex tape. Which is exciting, if you like seeing 21 year old fit moms getting fucked, which luckily I do.

Here is the press release:


Controversial MTV Star Farrah Abraham is Featured in Explicit Private Tape Now Made Public; Vivid Head Steven Hirsch Says, “Her Looks Remind Me of a Young Kim Kardashian”

LOS ANGELES – (April 29, 2013) – Vivid Entertainment has acquired all rights to a sexually charged movie starring 21-year-old Farrah Abraham. The adult film studio will release Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom online at vivid.com on May 6th and it will go on sale in stores nationwide on May 14th.
Image courtesy of www.vivid.com

The movie was made privately by the former cheerleader from Council Bluffs, Iowa who became the star of the hit MTV series Teen Mom. The existence of the footage that she originally wanted to keep confidential became known earlier this month, and it has been the subject of intense media scrutiny since then.

“Since word of this tape got out, we’ve been overwhelmed with inquiries about whether or not we had acquired it,” said Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid. “I’m happy to confirm that we have purchased it. We went after this movie as vigorously as any sex tape we’ve ever pursued. We felt it was definitely worth it, not only because of Farrah’s popularity, but because the footage itself is amazing. I think many fans will be shocked at how truly explicit it is, including stunning backdoor scenes. Farrah’s looks remind me of a young Kim Kardashian and we all know how her story turned out.”

“In Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom we have over 70 minutes of non-stop erotic action,” Mr. Hirsch said. “Farrah is gorgeous, sexy and absolutely uninhibited. She has the kind of independence that our fans find appealing.”

Word of the tape’s existence was widely covered by the media and, having lost the ability to keep it a secret, Farrah decided to sell the tape to Vivid after reviewing several offers.

The Teen Mom star became pregnant at 16 and caught the public’s attention in the MTV series when Derek Underwood, the father of her pregnant child, died in a car accident two months before the birth of their baby, Sophia Laurent. Farrah had to deal with Underwood’s death, developing a combative relationship with her mother as well as other in-law relationship problems.

Therapy sessions have helped her get through difficult times, and she decided to celebrate the end of her 21st year by making a personal tape that would forever capture her beauty and sensuality at this time in her life.

DISCLAIMER: MTV® is a registered trademark of Viacom International Inc.; Teen Mom was a reality television series that aired on MTV. This video is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Viacom International Inc. or MTV Networks.

About Vivid: Founded in 1984, Vivid has always emphasized high quality erotic film entertainment, resulting in wide brand-name awareness through its films, innovative marketing, and licenses that extend to apparel, book publishing, nightclubs, sporting goods, adult beverages and a range of other products. The VividTV division includes both dedicated cable channels and on-demand programming from the largest single adult studio archive. In addition to its Vivid-Celeb imprint famous for celebrity sex tapes, the company is known for its Vivid SuperXXXHeroes parodies. Mainstream television audiences got to know the company through two highly popular reality series on Showtime. Co-founder and CEO Steven Hirsch received the first AVN Visionary Award as a leader who “has propelled innovation and taken his company and the business as a whole to new heights.” The company’s website, www.vivid.com, has a loyal following of fans of Vivid movies.

I will have exclusive footage.

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Teen Mom Farrah’s Porn Announcement of the Day

I have never seen the Teen Mom show, but I think it is safe to say that the girls on it are trashy as fuck, that’s usually how teen mom’s operate, I mean classy teen girls who get pregnant get Plan B or abortions so that they can live on with their irresponsible lives.

So hearing the news she had a sex tape this morning was hardly shocking, and when that news turned to it being an actual porno, I was equally not shocked, because porn is all about trashy girls, the kind of girl who would be a teen mom, all filled with daddy issues and damaged as fuck.

Not to mention, She’s tried the music thing and that didn’t work out for her

So the story is that she’s getting fucked by James Deen, in what is obviously her cry for attention, cuz she’s not a teen mom being exploited anymore and she needs the fame to continue cuz that shit is more addictive than heroin.

Porn is mainstream, it won’t damage her career, partially cuz she doesn’t have a career, but I am sure it will make her baby proud, that is provided he doesn’t die in a bath or from neglect or when mommy decides to murder them off like that bitch in Flordia, as these trailer park families and their party slut mom’s often do.

She’s garbage but her porn will probably be awesome. I’m going to work on getting exclusive footage of it, so stay tuned to the wholesome, well rounded mom, who will teach her kid the morals and values she needs to know….

It’s being put out by VIVID

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Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Is Finally Released of the Day

Karissa Shannon’s Sex Tape has been Fully Released!!!

Hugh Hefner’s bunny has been naughty and instead of taking it up the ass from his 90 year old cock, she’s moved on from Playboy to release her very own sex tape… “Karissa Shannon Superstar”

I guess this in hopes of bigger things….like she was in the Kim Kardashian school of getting famous…depite the fact she already peaked with Playboy and there’s no where else for this trashy idiot to go but down….and unfortunately for you racists, her going down is on some trying to be famous nobody actor…who is black…

I’m not complaining……cuz I like watching girls fuck…I like seeing them so starved for fame that they’d do this to themselves…it takes a special kind of girl to be this attention starved…the kind of girl I like watching have sex…even if they were already getting naked before fucking on camera…

All this to say, I just wonder where she gets cummed on…

Go HERE to see the whole video…..

Here was the exclusive preview we stole from VIVID…..filled with rough sex….

If you’re as into celeb sex tapes as me and want to see the whole thing…then:

Karissa Shannon Superstar

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Karissa Shannon Superstar Sex Tape Is Happening of the Day

Karissa Shannon Superstar Sex Tape></a></p>
<p>Karissa Shannon has been all over the internet tabloids bottom feeding and crying for attention the last couple of weeks because her and her boyfriend have been prepping for the release of her sex tape called…..</p>
Karissa Shannon Superstar</p>
<p>Which coincidentally was the same name of the Kim Kardashian sex tape, and that is kinda upsetting me because I like my celebrity sex tapes to have original clever titles, even though al have simila  content, production quality and created with the same intentions to take their fame to another level….</p>
<p>Here is the press release:</p>
<p>“‘Karissa Shannon Superstar’ is Wildly Erotic, Kinky and Our Hottest Celeb Tape Ever,” Says Vivid Head Steven Hirsch.</p>
<p>LOS ANGELES – (September 20, 2010) – The Vivid-Celeb imprint of Vivid Entertainment, the world ‘s leading adult film studio, will release an “extreme” sex tape starring Karissa Shannon and her TV-star boyfriend Sam Jones III entitled “Karissa Shannon Superstar” on Sept. 28th, in stores nationwide and online at www.vivid.com.</p>
<p>Karissa, the beautiful blonde Playboy Playmate who became a star of the E! Networks hit series “The Girls Next Door”, is the real-life girlfriend of Sam Jones III, best known for playing Pete Ross in The CW Television Network “Smallville” series.</p>
<p>“This is the absolutely the most extreme celebrity sex tape ever brought to us and we’re excited to have it,” said Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of Vivid.  “Even though Karissa and Sam made this for their own enjoyment, it’s shot extremely well and is as provocative as it is sexual.  Never has a girl this beautiful been this nasty…she’s completely uninhibited with Sam.”</p>
<p>The couple is seen enjoying sex in a moving car, their home, a hotel room in Hawaii, and more.  Later, Karissa slips into black lingerie, stockings and high heels, while Sam gets out his riding crop and spiked collar and takes control.  “Karissa Shannon Superstar” runs two hours and features a bonus disc with scenes from Vivid’s other celebrity features.</p>
<p>I am trying to get an exclusive preview clip. I know we all want to see this Playboy trash fuck, not because we find her hot, interesting or this a real scandal, but because it’s always fun to watch bitches who aren’t official pornstars do porn…especially when you know they are doin’ it to take their careers to the next level….</p>
<p>I’m just hoping her twin sister makes a cameo appearance…because there’s only so much black dick in blonde pussy I can stomach….and feel a twin on twin lesbian eating pussy party like they used to do as 14 year olds for their dad back home at the trailer park is a nice way to break things up a bit…</p>
<p>I guess we’ll have to wait and see.</p>
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Danielle Staub Shitty Sex Tape with No Sex Pics of the Day

This seems to be a sex tape that has no sex in it and really I don’t care about this one at all…not that I really care about any of them….but I like to make sex tapes part of my job…not that I really have a job, but you get what I am saying…

This bitch is so irrelevant that watching her old, disgusting, fake tit body naked is not really worth the energy or time. Sure I appreciate the idea of her getting naked on camera for attention, so that she becomes a household name, since her shitty TV show she was on didn’t make that happen, considering even I didn’t know who she was before this….

She shoulda done this before she became this and that’s really all I have to say about that…..just be happy there’s no pussy pics out yet…cuz I don’t even want to imagine what kind of mess that shit looks like…even though you kinda need pussy for a sex tape to be a sex tape…even if that pussy looks broke like Chyna, Shauna Sand and even Kendra Wilkinson…

So here are some pics…I am just posting cuz I want to bring home the point that this bitch is disgusting but also that shitty implants are scary….

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Danielle Staub’s Sex Tape of the Day

Danielle Staub is clearly some bottom feeding fame whore who thinks she is hotter than she actually is, so she’s taking on the bottom feeding fame whore strategy and releasing a sex tape, cuz people will always watch shameless bitches who are trying to make it in the world of entertainment buy compromising themselves and their dignity for the cause…despite the fact that failed sex tape after failed sex tapes of has been cunts have proven to not really matter or work….and they really only do good things for careers when the bitch is already a public name and known….but maybe it is working, cuz before today, I had no idea who this bitch was….cuz sex tapes are guaranteed to get you noticed…we are desperate and like watching sex.

Unfortunately, these caps are censored…and don’t feature sex…but June 14th, you will be able to illegally download and stream the 75 minute attempt for her career….and I have to say, despite having no interest in seeing this, I appreciate her drive and ambition….let’s hope at least one person I want to see fuck follows her bullshit lead.

If you have uncensored pics….email them in…cuz seeing some shitty fake tit isn’t enough for me…I need pussy lip to really judge her.

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Kendra Sex Tape Review of the Day

Yesterday I had the great honor of being the first to bring you a clip from Kendra Wilkinson’s Sex Tape Kendra Exposed ….it was one of my first exclusives and the whole thing was pretty exciting for me as I am normally really useless..but not as exciting as the fact that KendraExposed is available online right now…and I know how much all you fuckers love celebrity sex tape…no matter what level of celebrity the bitch in the sex tape actually has….

I bought the Kendra Sex Tape last night using friend’s credit card when he passed out drunk….Here are my quick notes….

She starts off with a stripshow…her hair is thick and horselike, clearly bitch was a stripper or spent a lot of time at the stripclub. She does all the standard stripper moves. From the ass flex, booty shake all set to some updated porno beats that are still cheesy as fuck, but that’s really what you want, especially when it flushed out Kendra’s voice…

Like any 18 year old in 2003, she does not like him to zoom in on her, maybe because she’s got a vagina complex, which I understand, because her pussy is pretty meaty, discolored and uncontained, dried up prune and wise beyond its years that may be 18 but looks like it could be 80 and in need of a wax, but most pussy is, making her no different than everyone else, but unlike current nude pics of her, there was no photoshop used…and thankfully unlike the current state of her pussy now that she’s had twins….

They fuck on a white trash bed with some cat comforter waterbed shit you’d expect many bottles were returned to pay for…cuz we all gotta start our porn career somewhere – whether it is in the trailer park, our dad’s workshop, or the back alley….or on a ghetto bed….

She tries hard to pull thru, she knows she’s filming a porn, she puts some serious effort into it…sure I’ve had better sex than this, less awkward conversation and joking around about PRECUM….the precum of a dude who sucks at directing, but more importantly looks fucking retarded, like some serious white trash with some real dumb looking teeth, who fucks like a lazy slob, and keeps Kendra working….

So girls, let this be warning – film a sex tape when you get the chance – cuz you never know when you’ll need it to pay the bills….or when you’ll want to release it to remind people of what you had when you were younger….

The big question this sex tape brings up is what other quality dudes she has had inside her… and the good news is that unlike the movies you’re into she doesn’t die at the end…weirdo….

The movie is awesome. I loved watching it. The ending is on another level of weird. Kendra’s not that hot. But fucking on tape is fucking on tape….

So to See the Awkward Ending of an Pretty Good Celeb Sex Tape…Follow This Link….

Here are some NSFW screen caps….but the whole site is mildly NSFW according to most so if you’re hear already…then you should be fine…

Via KendraExposed

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