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Teen Mom Farrah’s Sex Tape Screencaps of the Day

Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham, 21 year old with a dead baby daddy, forced to single mother her way through life, especially now that she’s off the show and no one cares about her, doing it right, by producing some porn, with an actual pornstar, and not even with a boyfriend, putting her shitty ball shaped implants on blast, and likely taking it up the ass, cuz she’s learned, as most teen moms do, that cum in the pussy leads to horrible things, even when those horrible things are the only reason we’re talking about her, you know anal is the best birth control, especially when the pussy involved is ravaged to shit.

Here are the first screenshots. The movie drops monday. I’ll have a clip. I am ready for the clip….

I am so into single moms turning to porn to get by right now….


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  • Phillip McCracken

    ok i have to admit. Im up in the air. some of the pics of her she looks smoking hot, and it others her face looks… “off”

    IDK if im smash her or not, but man she has a pretty amazing body….

  • Rosarch

    This chick is so fucking sad and pathetic. Her fucking face is beat, she needs food and her shitty boob job looks like you can drive a Mack truck up the middle of it.

  • Mick

    Have to agree, her tits are terrible. Who the fuck pays for those things???

  • Got word

    I’d hit it even with that weird face, I hope she just dont lay there getting dead fucked

  • cowbulls

    I’d be glad to give her a toss.