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The Miley Cyrus Nipple Shot of the Day

I am still recovering from the Miley Cyrus and now these outtake shots have come out with her nipples all over them, or shadows that look like nipples, which in my life is good enough to be a nipple, because what difference does it fucking make, it’s not like I can even jerk off to this shit, but I would if I was 15 and she was my high school girlfriend or some shit when nipples, or shadows that look like nipples gave me boners….

I would love to K-Fedding her, if there is one thing we can learn from celeb gossip the last decade, it is that K-Fed is one of the smartest men in history – at least when it comes to his career and retirement….use that sperm strategically…he has it all figured out…

I guess I’ve also learned that I would love to smear my genitals all over Miley….because Miley wins…as long as she’s not talking.

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