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Teen Mom Farrah Staged Bikini Pics to Promote Her Porn Career of the Day

Speaking of sluts, here’s Teen Mom Farrah posing in some staged bikini pics that were strategic with the paparazzi, thanks to her PR Team’s genius strategy to get people to talk about her, by throwing her in porn. I guess she was already teen mom trash with a taste for fame, she already had a the really shitty implants, she had a hard body that I’d like to see fuck, because pornstars across the board are pretty low level on the hotness scale, so she’d fit right in taking loads on her face, a nice change of pace for her, something that if she knew back then, she’d probably reconsider that fateful night that I guess has also been a lottery ticket, cuz without the baby, she’d be sucking dick in some bar somewhere, while with the kid, she is doing it in LA with pornstars and getting paid….being on TV doesn’t really change people…

Either way, tight bodies, especially post pregnancies are a thing I like, so I’ll keep a lookout for her porno career.

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Teen Mom Farrah’s Porn Announcement of the Day

I have never seen the Teen Mom show, but I think it is safe to say that the girls on it are trashy as fuck, that’s usually how teen mom’s operate, I mean classy teen girls who get pregnant get Plan B or abortions so that they can live on with their irresponsible lives.

So hearing the news she had a sex tape this morning was hardly shocking, and when that news turned to it being an actual porno, I was equally not shocked, because porn is all about trashy girls, the kind of girl who would be a teen mom, all filled with daddy issues and damaged as fuck.

Not to mention, She’s tried the music thing and that didn’t work out for her

So the story is that she’s getting fucked by James Deen, in what is obviously her cry for attention, cuz she’s not a teen mom being exploited anymore and she needs the fame to continue cuz that shit is more addictive than heroin.

Porn is mainstream, it won’t damage her career, partially cuz she doesn’t have a career, but I am sure it will make her baby proud, that is provided he doesn’t die in a bath or from neglect or when mommy decides to murder them off like that bitch in Flordia, as these trailer park families and their party slut mom’s often do.

She’s garbage but her porn will probably be awesome. I’m going to work on getting exclusive footage of it, so stay tuned to the wholesome, well rounded mom, who will teach her kid the morals and values she needs to know….

It’s being put out by VIVID

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