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Myla Sinanaj’s Anti-Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Trailer of the Day

Myla Sinanaj is some big booty bitch who “dated” Kris Humphries after his whole 5 minutes of marriage with Kim Kardashian tabloid fodder…and in efforts to keep her big booty relevant, because dating an athlete got her in the tabloids riding Kim Kardashians’ fat tail, she might as well continue the trend and film her own sex tape that she’s spinning as being better than Kim Kardashian’s tape and that includes anal…but not just any anal, anal she is pretending is being taken from her for the first time….on video…by some Kris Humphries lookalike for all your Kris Humphries and the big bottomed women he loves fetishists…that is anti-Kim Kardashian….released by the homies at VIVID. Here’s what they had to say about it…

Watch Internet sensation Myla Sinanaj devour her massive Kris Humphries look alike. Myla is insatiable as she tries to one up her arch nemesis Kim Kardashian. As the Kim tape rolls Myla shows why she’s one Backdoor expert. In the sexy no holes barred romp Myla shows why she’s one hot Backdoor babe. This ain’t Kim xxx..hotter then hell

I haven’t seen the video, but I am going to say I love it and I appreciate her effort in making this happen. I also love the concept of making it a battle sex tape, you know going up against KIM K like it was the WWE….it’s funny…even though Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was a lazy performance, no matter how famous it made her…

I like any girl who is groupie-ing on an athlete, getting hooked on his past famous wife, a wife she tries to look like, who is probably a professional at this kind of thing, finally accepting her fate and fucking on camera, even though she doesn’t have the money or contacts Kim Kardashian had, making you think she may just end up fading out like so many sex tapes before her, but still leaving a legacy for anyone to cross reference in the event this does work out for her…even though all odds are against it…

Sure she’s not my kind of girl, you know thick, rocking booty generally don’t like, but I love this classy shit….it’s fucking amazing and worth watching….


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