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Farrah Abraham at the EXXXOTICA Convention of the Day

Those of you who know the site, know that I LOVE PORNSTAR TEEN MOM FARRAH ABRAHAM, who I traveled to Florida to have a chance to stand 10 feet away from and judge in person, because let’s face it, I don’t want to meet her, and apparently either do many people.

The pornstars hate her, but they don’t matter, they are pornstars and she outsells their gutter hooker pussies any day, even if she’s technically one of them, she’s above them and allowed to be a snob about it even if the fans weren’t really there to see her, even though she was the biggest star in the room, maybe because teen mom fans are in the midwest getting pregnant and not in Florida at porn conventions.

She was the only one with a roped off line, which happened to also be the only one who didn’t have a line…

Here’s a quick recap of my date with Farrah Abraham – from a distance…because that’s all I wanted.

Day 1 –

First She Ran Away from me…as most girls do…

Then things calmed down, way down, we heard crickets, as no one lined up to see her, I guess they either didn’t care or were intimidated by her amazing performance in her SEX TAPE

But it gave her time to check her texts…and tweets…to remind herself that people do care…as people do in all lonely and awkward situations…

Then people noticed her and that she was that chick from TV who made a hugely successful porn, and now she made her first 20 Dollars signing…it was exciting for her!

Then she got her ego back and said No…this is her in the process of saying no…to 2 young girls who were actually excited to see her and not pervert dudes who just like collecting autographs of bitches who fuck on camera like they are action figures or Magic the Gathering cards.

After watching the porn, I didn’t think NO was in her vocabulary. You learn something new everyday at the EXXXOTICA convention…

Day 2 – Same Dress….I guess it’s her porno dress.

Things started to pick up for her, the paparazzi were called, they were in full force, and she was glowing with excitement…finally…the flashes she craved!! She was able to make a little money, selling autographs and DVDs directly to the perverts…

It’s nice to see things work out for her…

Look how happy she was…this is fantastic career moves for the 21 year old. Only good things can happen from her and whatever she applies herself to, she’s going to be a huge star.


I am still a fan of her squirt, even if she wasn’t very friendly, got mad when people took pics of her, and acting like an overall spoiled brat, when working a porn convention floor, something that in and of itself…can’t make you a brat.

She’s going places…and I am watching from 10 feet away…because I am a creep and despite all the hate she gets, I love the hated, it kinda makes me want to make her a “In her 20s Mom”….but squirting and anal does that to me…cuz you can’t get pregnant from anal. #FACT.


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  • Phillip McCracken

    I have to agree. she doesnt look like shes anything other than a cunt. She in no way looks friendly or approachable

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    She takes it up the ass for money, how more approachable do you want her to be?

  • P.P. Douglas

    The pornstars probably hate her because she denies she made the porn tape to cash in on it, because she thinks she’s better than a porn star on some kind of delusional moral level. She’s also bashed James Deen publicly, who is pretty popular in the industry.

    She was acting needy and spoiled throughout the entire scene of her movie, and her voice is annoying, to the point I almost wished I was watching Rachel Maddow getting plowed by a clown with a turkey baster instead. Also, she wasn’t even passionate or warm, she just went right to the butt like it was a job without any acting. Farrah isn’t even worthy if standing in the same room as say… Luscious Lopez, no wonder the other pornstars hate her.

    I’ll bbl to let you know how I REALLY feel… l8r.

  • Travis

    It’s probably a good thing you never got to drink her squirt as it most likely tastes like AIDS anyway…

  • Rosarch

    LMAO at this bitch. She struts around with her nose in the air like she is the Princess of Wales or something. She really thinks she is the shit and not some unwed, single mom, pornstar piece of shit. She debased herself on tape and barely got any traction or notice. She is fucking pathetic.

    Hugely successful porn? Where? Where are the numbers to show this was hugely successful? This is the internet and 2013, all it takes is one person to buy it, upload it and everyone has it.

  • AIDS for Free – Get yours here!

    Ha! Forever alone 😀

    She’ll be offering blowjobs for food someday soon 😀

  • Porn Lover

    Drunken Shitdad – How much longer are you gonna totally lie-fake-pretend to gushingly “love” this rotten to the womb kunt!??? You stayed 10 feet away from her? SHE should be rimming you for how much you’re shilling her worthless “video” for her and Vivid. I can’t figure out who’s worse–you or her. She sucks as a person-mom-pornstar and you suck as a shill. Wake up and smell the utter gutter shit that you’re shoveling and fucking STOP IT!

  • cowbulls

    This bitch better save her money because her ass and pussy are going to be worn out soon. Nobody with any sense wants to bang a loose hole.

  • Agent Michael Scarn

    Remember when she had a kid? Yeah, neither does she.