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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Working the Pole of the Day

The thing I like about this pic of Farrah Abraham working the pole like a stripper, a fit little stripper with shitty fake tits I want to pay 10 dollars a song to touch, is that I’ll take any excuse to push her SQUIRT AND ANAL SEX TAPE that I haven’t been able to stop watching on repeat…..

She’s a star, we’ve found her talent, and I predict she will take over the porn game if she hasn’t already…

She squirts, she does anal, she’s tight bodied, and she fucks porn dudes. She’s cock hungry, a sex addict, and works the camera proper…

She’s been waiting for this moment all her life…and I am glad to have been able to masturbate to it…..


She’s Training for her future career….For some of us, it’s like watching your kid in med school…..big dreams baby…

If You Want to See Her Hot, Squirt and Anal Filled Trailer for her Sex Tape

I just can’t get enough of this girl….I know all you haters will hate, call her too skinny, tease her bad implants, say she’s got a bad face, but come on, she’s doing fucking porn, if you ever see some of those porn chicks, you’ll know, this one here is fucking golden….and if you don’t believe me, just watch the video….

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  • Signothorn

    Her feet are simply amazing, but I have to admit when James Deen went for the “money shot”, looking down at her on her knees, she looked like a doberman and I was kinda weird-ed out by that.