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Sophie Monk is Hot in a Bikini of the Day

I know that you’re an easy sell when it comes to girls, because you’ve reached that point of desperation. Like the dude I saw hitting on this tight bodied 18 year old the other night. Dude had money, he was probably married and he walked up to her to tell her that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Being drunk, I decided to intervene and show this dude up, so I step in and tell him that he just did a good job, but we all know that he’s so tired of his wife that a plate of raw meet before he BBQ’s for his wife of 20 years and 3 kids turns him on at this point. That strategy worked against me, because the girl said I was disgusting and went to the bar with him, so I guess I was the real loser in the situation.

Speaking of losers, Sophie Monk must really feel like one. She fell for Good Charlotte twin because I can only assume he was huge in her home country of Australia, she dated him until they became engaged, because I guess she thought he was sincere since she was the first hot pussy he ever landed and all the other good lookin’ dudes out there were just out for her pussy cuz she’s hot. Then dude gets cocky and turns on her by fucking Paris Hilton, what must be a huge blow to the “other” girl in the situation’s ego. Sure Paris is spoiled and a master manipulator who knows how to get what she wants and he was just overwhelmed that girls wanted his fat ass and had a false sense of how desirable he was and felt the need to capitalize on all opportunities that present themselves. His behavior left him covered in herpes and unable to explain the “rash” to Monk, getting busted and dumped and forced to go back to the trash Hilton that he is probably going to be stuck to for life, because of their STD bond that other girls won’t want any of and that he can’t deny cuz shit’s all over the fucking media.

The good news is that through all this, Sophie Monk has still managed to stay hot and here she is in a bikini.

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  • bob

    Nice! Ever saw a girl

  • Candi Apples

    Sophie Munk is way hotter than the herpes infested
    Paris Hilton.

  • Candi Apples

    Sohpie Monk(sp error)

  • Myspacetom

    Sophie Monk is so fucking hot! I wanna suck on those titties.Her body is bangin! I am so hard right now! I just shot a huge load all over my keyboard! fuck! She looks so much better then paris hilton it’s not even close! I’m getting hard again gotta go beat it.

  • I ever saw her picture at wealthyromances.com. Admirers!! Rich! Celeb!!!

  • I have never seen her pix like this. Woowww she is one hot of a girl.

  • marshall

    she is one hot chick…next pose in the raw

  • fred

    watch sex and death 101 if you want to see her nude Her teeth are too big

  • cunty cuntall

    Hey Myspacetom, how about we get together sometime and surf porn on the internet. You sound just like me. I think we could Beat it off together !!