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Bar Rafaeli is in a Bikini of the Day

On the surface Bar Rafaeli is a good looking, bikini ready and bikini wearing model with a pretty hot body, but that’s all white wash because under this pink bikini lives a Jew. I love how everyone thinks I am an anti-semite because I say that Jewish girls aren’t hot 99% of the fucking time. Even Jewish guys I know agree with me and their own mother’s are Jewish so I don’t really get what the big deal is.

Speaking of Jews, a Jewish friend of mine, yeah I know, no Jew is a friend to anyone, told me today that he just got out of the Hospital for mennigitis, which is a pretty serious thing to come out of the hospital for. I went on to tell him that he didn’t get that shit from drinking out of puddles or sleeping with dirty girls, but because it’s God’s wrath for being a Jew. He didn’t find it funny and went on to call me an anti-semite too. You just can’t win with these people, one minute they are trying to rip you off and the next are crying about the holocaust, get over it people, if it wasn’t for the Holocaust, Israeli Bar Rafaeli wouldn’t exist so you can thank Hitler for these titties…

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  • rainbone

    Ever heard that this one appeared on the hot hook-up club
    ” WealthyromanceS.Com ”
    for wealthy singles to hook up for Love and Sexy dating? There are lots of people wanna be her friends including me….
    I send her a friend request… she approved and we chatted. LOL…

  • underpassdweller

    That was probably the most absurd and offensive post I have ever read. Keep up the good work!

  • Pete

    Why would any parent name their daughter Bar?

  • Hebrew Hammer

    Wow. Even if your commentary is tongue-in-cheek, it’s still unnecessarily offensive. A little offence, if it is funny, my people welcome. But this wasn’t all that funny – a little too real. For that reason, your name will be included in the world domination newsletter. Someone will be around to spank you shortly. Bad Goy! Bad!

  • Guy

    BAR in hebrew means WILD or Natural.

  • diddleysquat

    that was one for the archives, real hall of fame stuff

  • Pete

    Thanks for the info Guy.

  • Candi Apples

    Great body,mediocre face,ugly floral shorts.

    Am I missing something here? Have fluorescent colors made a comeback?

    Why on Earth is everybody wearing fluorescent colored bikini’s and bathing suits?

  • fuckyounazi!

    Jewish women are hot! You obviously live in a basement with your dog who you have sex with and don’t know anything about the real world and especially Jews. 99% of White tash women like your mother look like dogs! I really doubt you have any Jewish friends. You need to get your ass kicked by an IDF soldier for attacking Jewish women. You need an ass-whipping NOW.

  • Ass Rocket

    Jesus M……Wasn’t your namesake “Jesus” Christ a Jew?
    I agree with the comment above….The IMF would stomp a mudhole so large in your ass that you could throw a Mexican hat into it……cuddles J

  • Doosh

    Mexicans are way more offensive than jews….with less access to money and credit. Go figger.

  • Vinandi ( stanning for Khia since 2003!)

    Jesus was a jew, and killed by the jews!

    No one is more offensive than the jews!!!!

  • Doosh

    no one except…..people who worship a fictional man in the sky….

  • Cunty Cuntall

    Dear Doosh – Feel free to worship my COCK !!!

  • George

    God always needs money.

  • George

    I pray to Joe Pesci.

  • God of Israel

    You are one fuck’n mother-fucker (and this is meant to be descriptive, not an idle insult).

    Your comments reek of jealousy; –reflective of someone clearly without qualities.