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Paris Hilton on Funny or Die of the Day

I hate Will Ferrell and everything he does. I don’t really know why, maybe it’s because I don’t find him funny anymore and just think he’s annoying as fuck and does bad movie after bad movie and still gets respect despite being a repetitive asshole or maybe it’s because he moved online with this FunnyOrDie shit and is stepping on my fuckin’ toes by being way more successful than me on my own turf, because I like to think I pioneered the internet from my Salvation Army pissed stained couch in my shitty apartment that I call my command center, but it doesn’t really matter, I’m a hater anyway you dice it and nothing they produce makes me laugh especially with that bias.

So, last night when at a hot young girl’s house because she offered to make me dinner, she’s got Leno on and they feature this Paris Hilton response to McCain using her image in one of his ads and the concept is alright, because seeing her solve the energy crisis while the politicians can’t come to a logical solution and fight like girls about it, instead of actually making moves to make the world a better place is alright, but the biggest joke in the whole thing was her intro wear she sounded like a retarded 14 year old and made claims of being hot while wearing a bikini, when the rest of the world knows that she’s over and done with. If anything McCain’s just showing his age and disconnect to the public by using her to represent one of the biggest celebrities out there, when the reality is that she’s just a fuckin’ nothing rich kid and that disconnect may have ruined his campaign for anyone on the fence about who to vote for.

I’d be more supportive of this site if they had some kind of voting widget that if the public voted something to be not funny, they would follow up with a video of the person in it actually dying.

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  • oscar

    NICE! My friend recommended me a very interesting place ☆☆☆ wealthyromanceS.Com ☆☆☆ If you’ve ever been there you will know what I mean….

  • Pete


  • Pete

    Fuck You oscar!!!

  • Pete

    oscar – named after a hot dog.

  • Pete

    Paris can’t even make good porn movies. Bitch just lays there, makes no noise. Show some emotion stupid bitch.

  • Greg

    Over thought by the masses. Some things are worth a good chuckle and than you move on….

  • Paquita

    It would be funny if it wasn’t her.

  • Stupid bitch! And fuck the media outlets foisting this latest publicity stunt by the bitch upon the world. Her fifteen minutes have been up for a while. Go away, now.

  • Glen Quagmire

    I’m gonna vote for her……she’s still smarter than Dubya.

  • Derek

    I got something hot for you Paris, My chunky load down your throat.

  • BlackCrypt

    Hell, Paris got smart???

    I do like her energy plan though. Rush seemed to like it today too!

    Thanks to Marie for posting it on the forum!

  • massconfuzion

    listen though…… it does make sense! Im in!!!!!

  • pennwood

    Great video, she punked his ass ! And you guys are wrong, the girl is still hot …..
    & smart & rich. Hahahaha

  • FngFer

    Yeah, McCain got pwned! She took a dump on his chest and now she’s hot again.

    Haha, Oscar is a big fricken weenie.

  • Candi Apples

    Paris Hilton is such a twit.

    I wonder how many hours it took her,to get her lines right for this political advertisement.

    Paris gets my vote,for being the skankiest celebrity who is infected with herpes.

  • Satan666

    meh…i’d let her blow me for an 8