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Heidi Klum Topless Vacation of the Day

Girls are so catty. I was at the strip club the other night and I saw two of the strippers pretty much beating each other up because they were wearing the same stripper costume. They were pulling at each other’s shirts and spitting at each other while calling each other names. The bouncer let it go on for a few minutes because he knew shit was good for business, because it’s not everyday at the stripclub where some wrestling implanted whores get down and he sent both girls home. I was just surprised that they’d get so mad about somethng so stupid, I figured they didn’t have that much selection at the local stripper costume shop to begin with and seeing another girl working in the same costume happens all the time, not to mention as a patron, we just want to see you naked and don’t really even notice what you’re wearing, but girls will be girls.

Here are some pics of Heidi Klum raining on Cindy Crawford’s topless moment in the sun, because I guess she wants to prove that she’s still got it goin’ on too and that even after ravagin her body with black man cock and black man semen and black man babies, people still like seeing her ex-model mom tits.

If this is infact a competition of tits, where Heidi Klum is trying to show up Cindy Crawford, she lost. It’s safe to say that bad things have happened to Heidi Klum and bitch looks like she’s been dancing around a fire chanting tribal songs with her family and that this shit was shot by National Geographic and that she’s definitely lost whatever she once had.

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  • Pete


  • Pete

    Seal is one lucky guy.

  • peter

    Just saw her on rich & celeb romancing site “wealthyromanceS.Com”… It’s a hot and interesting place as there are so many classic people!

  • Paquita

    She is hot and funny. Good combo…but her kids are FUGLY¡ Maybe when they grow up will they look better….maybe…

  • Derek

    Heidi loves that big black dick.

  • Glen Quagmire

    National geographic has really gone downhill.

  • rockdude

    Man, I’m disappointed. I’ve been waiting years to see Heidi’s goodies, and thats it?!?! I always thought she had huge soft ones. I guess Wonderbra’s really work wonders…

  • Candi Apples

    Motherhood has ruined Heidi Klum’s tits.

    Cindy Crawford on the other hand,she still has it going on.

  • Satan666

    I hope my wife looks that good when she’s 70!!

    Candi did you ever post a pic of yourself in the forum?

  • jackhammer

    cindy is lying on her back…tits always look great when they are lying on thier backs from the side.

    when she is standing straight up hers look good, and to the idiot who thinks he has never been able to see heidis goodies, there are tonnes of published pics of her topless or airbrushed…she ahs never been very prudish about it…hell, she can’t be a prude, she fucks black men….

  • Fuck Tupac

    What a bunch of cunts you all are.
    You will never in your sad little lives get a woman even remotely like this, or Cindy Crawford.
    Those of you who have wives probably look at their fat blubbery bodies, cracking skin and dried out hair and feel a cold dread in your gut that your life is over. So you get on the internet when she’s in bed to pull your little sausage over pictures of girls and women who have always been out of your league.
    And it makes you angry.

  • Tracey

    Er two fried eggs!

  • shelly

    I was sent to this site from Bossip.com and im an on air DJ. I know u blog and u say whatever u want but this “after ravagin her body with black man cock and black man semen and black man babies” is disrespectful. It is in bad taste and believe that I will let ALL of my listeners know ur site is bull shit and not to give u any extra traffic….

  • Robert

    Whooo!!! you small prick punk. It’s not our fault God made us with big dicks. Second, it’s not our fault that women love big cocks especially white women. I had a white girlfriend once and I will never forget the look of sheer extacy on her face as I gave it to her long and slow. When we were finish she would thank ME.
    Instead of spending time engaging in male on male bathroom sex or molesting children you should learn how to be men in the bedroom. Women like real men in the bedroom.

  • White Poontang

    I LOVE black cock but I HATE little white cowards with little pink dicks that hide in front of their computers. They’re so jealous and pathetic. If I were a cowardly little white man with a little pink dick I suppose I would HATE black men with their big black cocks too. Now go suck on your little pink pecker, if you can find it.

    P.S. – Heidi’s tits are really not so bad. Nice nips. She’s still “the body”.

  • ihateracists

    You are a fucking ignorant racist. Heidi Klum can’t help she prefers a real man over a pecker dick like yourself. This is the second time I have read you making racist comments on your page. I will boycott your ignorant ass blog and solicit others to do the same. You’re probably some fat ass, ugly, acne infested white virgin who beats off to pictures like this one. Tip make sure you wash your white sheet (you KKK asshole) before you put it back on your head and hide behind your fucking computer. FYI Dirty sheets breed more pimples. You fucking cunt idiot.

  • ha ha!

    LOL @ihateracists! I planned to comment on this bullshit but you said exactly what i needed to say and even more!

  • haters

    Gosh your little peckerwood azz is so jealous of black men. So pathetic and transparent. I’m sure your woman (or man) wishes she had a black man too!!

  • Kudos to “Ihateracists” you said it wonderfully. And we should add that Seal is the only black man we know that she has had. Iti is obvious that drunken stepfather is everything you said, and I will tell people to blycott this foolywang site.

  • Yve

    Bossip should rethink linking to this blog or it speaks to their mind set as well. No wonder you have nothing but perverted garbage advertisments on your site. Your trash, your blog is trash and lend nothing of value to anyone. Your blog needs to be shut down. Bossip should not endorse this racist site.

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