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Christina Aguilera Naked for Lachappelle in 2004 of the Day

These pics were emailed to me yesterday and I decided to try to figure out if they were real or not, because I have been jerking off to celebrity heads cropped onto pornstar bodies for years and don’t really have a keen eye when shit comes to photoshop, but from what I found out it is a Lachappelle picture from 2004. If you don’t know David Lachappelle, he’s a photographer who some celebrities get hooked on, he does big production pictures and directs music videos, he claimed to have refused to work with Aguilera about a year ago because she’s a cunt so these pictures are from before then. If you’re wondering how I know this, it is because I am an art currator in my spare time. I am classy and cultured like that.

So the chances that these are zoomed in Aguilera tits is possible, girls get naked for big photographers all the time, but shit looks like it’s been blown up, run through filters and who really knows if they are legit, and I guess who really cares, except maybe her mother who still remembers her little small breasted baby before she became a fake titty porn-lookin’ whore….

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