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Joanna Krupa Gets Topless for Maxim Germany of the Day


I am all for Eastern European girls mainly because the one’s who were born under the communist regime were raised to be whores, because their vagina was their only escape from a life of rationed bread and toilet paper under the iron fist. They needed to get out and if they were good looking enough, they’d be put to work learning how to suck dick properly at a young age, training and making extra money to spend on clothes and other things that would help contribute to their package deal for whatever American wanted to marry them so if they were good looking enough and not the fat and hairier than the average man that were trained for weightlifting in the Olympics or how to man a sewing machine for the factory they were going to spend the rest of their lives in but the odd one would take train to participate in the National past time of wresling juggling bears, they were sent into the sex trade, signed up to mail-order bride catalogs and if they were really lucky, sent to America to be models.

Now I know Krupa was raised in America, but that doesn’t take away from a deep rooted cultural tradition of being a whore that’s all part of her genetic code and knowing that is all part of the reason I am posting this.

The truth is that I am pretty disappointed from this photoshoot, I thought Germans were crazy and was expecting to see some scat bondage action, but I guess seeing her tits is better than nothing, even though it’s not quite as good as seeing her getting shit on like the whore that she is.


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  • Pete


  • Glen Quagmire

    My uncle used to wrestle a juggling bear. Then one day the true savagery of nature was unleashed. My uncle killed and ate the bear.

  • Pete

    The US Maxim needs to step there game up!

  • spbh

    The US Maxim sucks ass and this chick should always be naked

  • johnson

    i ‘d suck a fart out of her ass

  • johnson

    then i would drink her bath water

  • Nate

    I’d eat her shit.

  • Heather

    One of her breasts is obviously deformed in some way (to a model, that means not perfectly symmetrical), so she’s doing all she can to show us her one good breast.

  • Triplehtown

    The only thing I hate about this country is that we’re a bunch of nipple cock blocks. Bravo!

  • Satan666

    this is what Kim K. dreams of looking like

  • Candi Apples

    She’s pretty……..Skanky looking.

    And her tits are deformed.

  • Satan666

    Candi your eyes are obviously paralyzed and by that i mean BLIND …this bitch is bangin. Did you even click on those thumbnails

    Aha! I thought not! …get yer head checked missy.