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Jenny McCarthy Does Autism in a Bikini of the Day

I was walking down the street yesterday and had a little altercation with an Autistic kid without realizing it. I was standing on the street corner pretending to be a hooker, as I like to do sometimes, because my theory is that we all need a little glamor in our lives sometimes, and some mother was pushing her baby along in a stroller. I looked at the kid, who was sucking its thumb and lazily getting toted around by its mom and I realized the girl was 12 years old. I turned to a girl next to me and asked if she sucked her thumb like that when she was 12 and if her mom still dressed her up and played baby with her because she was the kind of mom who tried so hard to get pregnant, that when she did, she never wanted to let her go by growing u and still breast fed her at 12 and never potty trained her so that she could always change her little babies diaper, even after her little baby had her period and pubes, because the mom always wanted to be part of the girls life. The girl next to me was giggling then pointed out that the mom had a t-shirt that read “Mother’s of Austism 2008”, and I realized that I was an asshole.

Speaking of Autism, here are some pictures of Mother of an Autistic kid and her brother who she turned into her lover, and she’s in a bikini. Now, I don’t know about you, but I wanted to fuck the annoying, loud, obnoxious smile off this bitch’s face in the 90s, so it is only natural for me to document her bikini body whenever I can and the truth is, retarded baby from a broken down uterus or not, I still want to fuck the obnoxious smile off her face and bring the tears, pain and depression like I normally bring every time a girl gets with me.

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