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Danielle Lloyd Shows Off Her Panties of the Day

I went to a lingerie store over the weekend because I had nothing to do and like talking to girls about underwear and what underwear they are wearing because it entertains me. I figure that going to a professional is less creepy and I am more likely to get an honest answer when coming from someone trying to sell me the shit, rather than just going up to randoms and asking to describe what they are waiting, so I guess in my old age, I’ve learned a few tricks to get what I want out of women, instead of getting slapped in the face or their boyfriend sent to hurt me.

So I get in the store and start walking around and some hot bodied girl in a push up bra comes up to serve me, I tell her that I am shopping for my wife to make her realize I am a normal family man and not some kind of creep who likes touching women’s underwear while it is still on the shelf, before ass smells and laundry machines taint the shit. So we go through all these sheer things, I lie and tell her that my wife is about her size and next thing I know, she’s pullin’ down her pants showing me what she’s got on, goes through what suits her body and I was close to getting her to even try the shit on and model it for me because I could tell she was the kind of girl who wished she was a lingerie model and just didn’t have what it takes and is forced to just model the shit for her unappreciative boyfriends and one night stands, but I accidentally sabotaged myself and freudian slipped that I want to fuck those panties right off her instead of just thinking it and she caught on to my game.

It was the best hour of my week and here are some pictures of some drunk British slut model who shouldn’t be a model, showing off her sheer-assed underwear, like drunk sluts should and they are similar to what the girl in the store told me I should be buying before catching onto the fact that I am just a pervert…..

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  • peter

    Hot! she ever joined a celeb/rich dating site ♥♥♥♥ wealthyromanceS.Com ♥♥♥♥ It’s where Charlie Sheen met his wife Brooke Mueller!

  • Pete

    Danielle has a face worthy of being unloaded on.

  • Loerun

    Jeesus, why do you stop writing once you really have something interesting going on???

  • chris

    Does anyone actually read this person’s (Hay zeus) degenerate ramblings??

  • FngFer

    Sometimes, I read them. Like this one. But if the paragraphs look too dense, I don’t bother.

    This chick is ugly.

  • Willy

    she’s not bad looking, but who is she? Not even sure I’ve heard her name.

    My guess is another reality show loser.

  • Candi Apples

    Looks like this chick got dressed in the dark.

  • Steve

    Dude, I’m gunna use that “My wife” shit.