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Danielle Lloyd’s Got an Orange Bikini of the Day

This Danielle Lloyd Bitch busted out a bikini as she often does when she’s not drunk in the club. I guess the goal is to get some sun on her pasty British body and to spend some of the money she’s made as a UK model. If anything, Danielle gives hope to average lookin’ chicks that their dreams of being slutty models can come true all they have to do is move to the UK because clearly becoming a model in the UK doesn’t really take much more than having a decent set of tits. If this girl was in any other market, she’d get laughed out of the photographer’s studio, unless of course he was a snuff photographer who never turns down a girl he thinks no one will miss when she’s gone. Here she is in her bikini.

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  • Glen Quagmire

    That’s a pretty ugly model alright.

  • bob

    I think I’ve ever saw her on ☆☆☆ wealthyromanceS.Com ☆☆☆☆ It is an online dating service where wealthy singles can join who are looking for younger unattached people to enjoy their wealthy lifestyle with.

  • Candi Apples

    None of the models from the UK are ever attractive(exception made for Naomi Campbell)

    And no offense,but this girl is fat for a model.

  • Pete

    Danielle needs to leave the modeling biz for the jizz biz.

  • jbl

    That chick is thick.

  • viga

    The tits are fake anyway. Take those away and what’s left?