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Christina Ricci’s Got Some Hard Breast Reduced Nipples of the Day

[ Images removed in compliance with DMCA Notice ]

I knew a girl who had her breast reduced because they were a sloppy mess that aimed to the ground like she was a fat chick, because she was a fat chick in her past and had lost a lot of weight doing coke, leaving her a couple empty potato sacks on her chest that when in clothes made her look like she was still that fat chick and like she never had an eating disorder or drug addiction and she wasn’t having that so she opted for the reduction.

Besides the anchor shaped scar that always reminded me of this dude named Bill who I used to drink with. He was in the Navy and had an anchor tattoo and would always tell me stories of getting busted jerkin off on the job and getting STDs when comin’ to port, only her tits were pretty much perfectly shaped, and when she would never wear bras and always have hard nipples. When I asked her why her nipples were always ready to cut boxes and hijack planes to fly into national monuments, she would always tell me how the doctor fucked up her shit and ever since the surgery they were ultra sensitive, like if played with proper, she could come from the shit.

I am not saying that Christina Ricci had the same nipple-fate as this slut I knew, but she did have a breast reduction and her nipples are hard and that’s more than enough evidence for me. I guess my lack of attention to detail is the reason I am not a CSI. Here are the pics.

[ Images removed in compliance with DMCA Notice ]

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  • oscar

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  • Glen Quagmire

    Breast reduction ought to be a crime.

  • Pete

    She should have had that ugly tattoo on her one booby taken off instead.


    I don’t care what you fools say, this chick loves cock.
    and that’s why i love her.

  • Satan666


    not the breastssss…. never reduce the breastssss!! *Sad face*

  • Candi Apples

    Christina Ricci is too skinny now.

    She’s what I call a lollipop,because her head is way bigger than her body.

    But it doesn’t matter,cause she will always be ugly.

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    What the fuck?

    Ricci is one of the few chicks who I would keep in my basement for fucking years.

    The rest I would grow bored with quickly and get …uh….rid of, but not Christina, she would keep me amused with her rock hard nipples, perfect ass and mouth that could suck a fucking bowing ball through muffler pipe.

    She also smokes a mean cigarette, black snake moan has got wear marks in certain spots as I replayed scenes over and over. I have spooged more to that little girl looking cunt than just about anyone.

    In fact, I will go rub one out right now, with these pictures as nothing beats iron hard nipples, especially on little girls.

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