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Christina Ricci Got Them Tits On Of the Day

Christina Ricci may be old as shit and this selfie of her giant head may be terrifying, like some kind of bad trip on what you thought was MDMA where everyone at the rave turns into BOBBLE heads or SKELETONS or some shit….the EYES all dead because they are likely a filter, the face all sunken in despite being smoothed over by what must be a filter, almost like she’s a skeleton…..

BUT…Christina Ricci and her tits are a legend in some parts. I know dudes who are likely in their 40s now, who grew up on her, who thought she was the best thing ever, and who loved her big tits, during her weird goth phase….

I remember dudes I knew being so upset when Ricci developed an eating disorder and felt like the tits were ruining her look, cutting off the big sloppies in a breast reduction surgery, and not donating the tit to the pervers…

She basically fell off the map for the last 15 years, but came back in a few hit Netflix shows, including Wednesday that was potentially based on her version of Wednesday, which was a big thing when Ricci was a child star, before she was a big titty indie film star, before she cut off the tits in what we’ll call a period of psychosis that probably stemmed from being a child star…..

And now she’s back, showing off the smaller tit, in lace, like they are her original big tits, but they aren’t…I’ll still look…because I support the small tit community…even when it’s voluntary small tit, the opposite of most girls on their titty journey…because that’s how rich and famous people operate…with no care in the world…cutting off tits that most girls need for their quest for fame…almost cocky really.


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Christina Ricci Still Tits of the Day

Christina Ricci will forever be the early 00s child start turned indie film legend with the big fat tits…

She was known for being some exploited child star back when no one cared about mental health or victim of abuse bullshit, you know a simpler and more amazing time where victims would just self destruct after going off the rails….

Well, she ended up slaughtering her tits, getting a breast reduction thanks to what I assume was anorexia at the time…BIG TITS MADE HER LOOK FAT….and well, she’s come out of the woodwork to reprise her role as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday and she’s in some other shows too….which is weird…you know since she disappeared during her prime big titty years…only to return at 40….

But the good news is….the tits grew back, maybe not as big and sloppy, but still tits, so that’s always fun….right…

I don’t know if the tits on the mini body, or the big forehead giant head, weird shoes, cow print save this shoot, but she’s still Christina Ricci….and has tits so whatever.

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Christina Ricci’s Tits from a Few Days Ago of the Day

I wasn’t going to bother posting these because Christina Ricci has past the age limit permitted on this site, which is apparently more of a sliding scale than anything, because I sneak some old bitches on her if they are doing something slutty or offensive enough…

I am an old fan of Christina Ricci, or at least her tits…..

I remember when she was sold off to the industry as a child, sent to the “Professional School in NYC” where they train these clones and brainwash them to be ready for the industry that rapes their soul, she was Wednesday Addams people….

So that all laid the ground work for when I started caring about her as she transitioned to her adult roles, that started when she was around 18 with some indie movies like Pecker, Buffalo 66, bad girls vibes with her tattoos which at the time were aa big deal, who knows what else by that point we were blinded by her giant tits…..

She ended up going SUPER mainstream, A-List famous, had some kind of melt down, or multiple melt downs, cut her tits off but not like Ellen Page, reduced her tits, becasue they made her look fat…. bred a few kids, left her husband, married her hairdresser, had more kids, and here we are today or a few days….with her tits GROWED back….since she’s doing some kind of comeback tour, being on a hit show and whatever else, but we’re here for the tits she murdered SURVIVING, and showing her that a GOOD thing can’t be KILLED off, no matter how hard she tries…

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Christina Ricci Pregnancy Erotica of the Day

I typically have issues with girls who confuse being pregnant with being beautiful, it’s like bitch that’s the worst kind of STD, it sucks your fucking soul harder than HIV….

I’ve had a chance of heart, in part because I found god over the last year and realize that there is something pretty great about women who choose to do the whole family thing, even if they were married to another motherfucker less than a year ago….because GOD FAMILY AND COUNTRY…motherfuckers…even though I am in Canada and it doesn’t work like that in our socialist, soon to be communist run state…

I’ve also had a change of heart because at Christina Ricci’s age, the whole getting pregnant is pretty impressive, she’s in her 40s, making babies in her 40s is freakish….so let’s do a shoot to document this freakish thing….

I am not sure if this is her first kid, but getting to this point required getting cummed in, and it wasn’t the first time, but since she didn’t abort it, she probably had a feeling it was some gift from God too…at least that’s how she’s acting with this alien creature growing in her cunt.

Anyway, Christina Ricci even at 40 is so dreamy, or nightmare-ish, you know 40 year old pregnant ladies make retard babies…because they aren’t supposed to be making babies….but yeah, Christina Ricci’s an icon, I mean late 90s indy movies, she brought the tits…and I’ve been a fan ever since…I watched her flight attendent show, I’m watching her girls in a plane crash show called Yellow Jackets right now, I even watched her on Ally McBeal after she chopped her big sloppy tits off and did the anorexia..

WELL…those tits are back baby…which just goes to show you, that you can TRY to kill a good thing, but you CAN’T kill a good thing.


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Christina Ricci Geriatric Pregnancy Announcement of the Day

I am about 10 years older that Christina Ricci, so I wasn’t one of those 40 years old who grew up to her being the hottest child star of the generation, in Mermaids, Capser, The Addams Family…..a bunch of shit….

I was there for her early adult roles…Buffalo ’66, Opposite of Sex, pecker the mid to late 90s indy queen….with huge fucking titties…

This was before she had her typical child star collapse, where she got prison tats, became a bad girl in protest, probably due to the trauma from being a super famous child star, they destroy these kids because they don’t care about these kids, they just terrorize them and exploit them on all fucking levels….

She ended up becoming anorexic, cutting off the tits, starring in Ally McBeal and who gives a fuck, this is her pregnant selfie…

She got divorced during COVID back in July of last year because her husband apparently beat her, he was a Dolly Grip she met on set, which is basically code for “Lottery Winner”…the most unimpressive job in Hollywood and dudes knocking up a living legend…then beating her probbaly because she was already pregnant back then…because she’s already pregnant enough for the slutty pregnancy in her underwear announcement…thanks to new cock, not your cock….but that doesn’t matter.

She’s 41, it’s a little gross, but at the same time, I’ll take a fertile 41 year old over a dried up menopausal 41 year old ALWAYS.


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Christina Ricci’s Fetish Gear of the Day

Christina Ricci is an icon for the generation of perverts after my generation of perverts….she was the child star who ended up growing a big set of tits she ended up chopping off when she was having some kind of child star meltdown that I don’t think was crafted by her management team…and it worked…she was a HUGE fucking deal…

She went from Wednesday Addams to The Opposite of Sex, Buffalo 66, Fear and Loathing, Pecker, these are movies that were game changers in the late 90s….

Then there’s her Black Snake Moan shit in the mid 2000s…I mean she’s been good for so fucking long…

She’s 41 now and in what I’d call fetish gear for some high end designer, as they do….but it’s a nice reminder of her existing, since the last news I heard of her was her retstaining order against her husband and baby daddy, who was a Dolly Grip on Pan Am, meaning she fucks the payroll, giving hope to all you low level industry people everywhere…maybe you too can end up in your own K-Fed situation….while I’m just here appreciating the Nostalgia that is Christina Ricci….I don’t like many celebs, but I like this one.

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Christina Ricci by Lena Dunham in her Underwear of the Day

Christina Ricci is a child star, turned huge breasted girl who did indy movies when she was 18, after being a child star, then she went dark and gothic like the Wednesday Addams…

There was a time when her tits were massive, never exposed, but massive and the world wanted to fuck her, then she got dumb tattoos, got a breast reduction, and became unappealing…

And now she’s working with the nation’s enemy, Lena Dunham, in some flimsy feminist that isn’t feminist but that pig Dunham, plays it like it is and recruits people like Ricci to fall into her trap, older, smaller titty, and boring….but it happened….

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Christina Ricci Upskirt for Twitter of the Day

Christina Ricci was an Original child star who old creepy men wanted to fuck because she was so hot…I remember she fell off around 18…rebelled, got tattoos, had huge tits, tits she ended up killing off in a breast reduction….which at the time was a tragedy, and now she’s pushing 40, and posting pics to the internet of her in a fridge, showing off her ripped fit as fuck legs….and I am kinda starting to remember her alien faced appeal like this was Addams Family Values or some shit…and I was masturbating in the back of the theatre or some shit…not that that ever happened…you can’t prove anything….there was no security cameras at the time.

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Christina Ricci’s Showing Some Bra of the Day

Christina Ricci is a martyr….who attacked our freedom the day she decided to cut off her massive tits…the same massive tits who made her matter in the 90s…massive tits she hated cuz it fucked with her anorexic look….. But at least she’s showing some bra…to remind us of titties that were….and that are now just anchor scars….too small and substantial to show off without a bra….a tragedy to say the least…

More importantly… at least she’s got Miley in the
background lookin’ dumb as shit to save her….

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Christina Ricci Topless Scene from Some Move of the Day

CHRISTINA RICCI was some bitch you probably jerked off to when she was all Gothic in the Addam’s Family….you know cuz you love young girls in movies knowing they probably put out to be there even though they are just 10….

She went on to be a tormented teen, who got fat and busty, while remaining gothic…and if you were around in the 90s…she was someone a lot of guys wanted to taste…..

Then she got anorexic, chopped off her tits, and that was the end of her as far as I’m concerned, because as a fan and supporter of natural tits…huge natural tits…I hate and consider anyone to amputate them to look skinnier while pretending it is to save their back my enemy…

Well she’s still around, even though I forgot her….and she’s in some movie that came out in February showing tit…here’s the clip…..

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