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Shawn Johnson’s an Athlete of the Day

I posted these pictures of Shawn Johnson in a Bikini the other day and I didn’t do it because I thought she was hot. I did it because you are a proud nation and she’s your golden girl and despite lookin’ like Hayden Panettiere on steroids, you still can jerk off to her because of pride. She was going to Letterman the other day and was wearing some Athletic gear, because I assume she doesn’t know anything other than her life of training hard or how non-athletes dress, but I think it’s safe to say her jacked arms would have been enough of a sign to not challenge her to the parallel bars. Sometimes I wish I could leave the house in my work uniform, but I figure a naked fat guy with a pair of mismatched socks and a lap top balanced on his hairy belly wouldn’t go over as well as I’d like it to…We get it Shawn Johnson, you’re an Olympic Athlete, you can put on a pair of jeans now.

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