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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Go to The Movies of the Day

Megan Fox went to see Dark Knight this weekend because she’s one of those too cool for pop culture people who has no problem making millions of dollars being in shitty action movies, but won’t bring herself to go see the biggest action movie of the year because she thinks of herself as more of an artist who can’t stomach that smut hollywood puts out. I mean I could be wrong about her, but one thing I do know is that she went with Brian Austin Green, someone I consider the dried up cum left on the bathroom floor from the smut that hollywood produced 15 years ago, so I guess she’s inconsistent but you still find her hot so here she is…

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  • Candi Apples

    I can’t figure out what Megan Fox see’s in the has been that is Brian Austin Green.

    Maybe he has a big dick.

  • Uncle Joe Mccarthy

    what is up with that headlock?

    and how much does one have to hate ones body to allow someone else to permanently scar it up with things like monroe’s mug?

    seriously…she may be hot…but she is fucked up

  • Pete

    Hickory Dickory Dock, Some chick was sucking my cock,The clock struck 2, I dropped my goo and dumped the bitch off at the next block.

  • Bob Smith

    Oh wait… is this the porn actress? Probably not. She wears too much makeup to be a porn actress.

    Seriously, I assume guys who find this girl attractive also think Paris Hilton is hot. I can’t get past her pock-marked skin and thick make-up to cover it up.

  • Jessie

    Obviously gorgeous! Perfect body! Seems they are dating on a luxury SEXY*WEALTHY dating site called ‘ R i c h M a t c h M a k i n g . c o m ‘. They uploaded lots of beautiful photos taken on beach.

  • Glen Quagmire

    Do I really need to see pics of this bitch scratching her balls ?

  • evil monkey

    not sure if your comment makes senses. you’re mocking the girl for not seeing a movie, while your posting pictures of her going to see that very same movie?

    i was also thinking it was pretty lame that she was dating brian austin green, until i saw what might be an engagement ring on her finger. whats worse than dating brian austin green? being engaged to brian austin green.