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Ortega Makes Shawn Johnson’s Taco Pop….of the Day

I probably slept on this commercial. but it turns out that Ortega Taco Sauce makes Shawn Johnson’s Taco Pop, somethin I the parallel bars did a long time ago and by parallel bars I mean her coach and by coach I mean not you.

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  • rainbone

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  • Profitnot

    Holy meaty tacos, Batman! I can’t believe she would say that with a straight face, and not on Saturday Night Live!

    This commercial must have run in Wisconsin, were folks really _wouldn’t_ get it.


  • FngFer

    I’ll second Profitnot. How did she say that with a straight face? Boy, she must really need the cash.

  • Bob Smith

    You guys are missing the best part when the whitest of white guys call each other “bro” like they’re homies from the hood.

    Those guys are pretty macho. You could actually see them challenging each other to see who does the best ballet moves.

  • Satan666

    Taco is a metaphor for pussy… so when she says it makes her taco “pop” that means she gets off on it.

    Yeah, I know, I am a genius… s’all good


  • Glen Quagmire

    Taco popping is a nice hobby.

  • Candi Apples

    That commercial has some of the worst acting I have seen in yrs,not to mention it’s false advertising.

    Cause let’s face it,we all know athletes do not eat taco’s,cause they are really bad for the figure.

  • Athletes don’t eat tacos (at least not right before competition or training) because beans make you fart at inconvenient times.