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Shannen Doherty’s Got Herself Some Shorts of the Day

I did something stupid and almost got in trouble, but luckily I didn’t. I was walking down the street and saw an old lady in her support knee high pantyhose and a can trying to walk into the bank all hunched over and no one helped her in. I ran as fast as I could to beat her to the door, I was about 5 feet away, but still took some effort, I opened the door for her and as she walked in a instinctively slapped her ass like I was a little league coach and we just got a home run or some shit. She reacted all right and looked back smiled and gave me a wink, like I had made her fucking day, while I blushed in embarrassment for doing what I did, and some cunt coming out of the bank freaked out on me calling me a pervert and a sick fuck and went on about how offensive and inappropriate I was. I told her that I was just a good samairitan doing good or the people and that I hope someone gives her a little more than a little ass grabbing because she sure as fuck needs it and I wasn’t volunteering my services because I’ve done my charity for the day and because she’s not seducing me in her support knee high pantyhose. It was an unnecessary mess that I should of avoided, kinda like Shannen Doherty walking out of her house with this Halloween mask that is her face on. At least she’s got good legs in shorts and at least I got to grab some ass. I guess with all bad there is good.

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