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Kanye West Got Arrested for This of the Day

I am a little slow on shit but I did see this yesterday, I just wanted to think things over before throwing it up with some generic commentary, but realized that I completely forgot about it the second I walked away from the computer and I accepted the fact that all I know is generic commentary. Sucks to be me….

So this is a video of Kanye West attacking a paparazzi who is taking pictures of him and that’s is some serious pussy shit, not the kind of pussy shit I find in my wife’s underwear but the kind of pussy shit that makes me wonder if this bitch has a penis or not on his 5 foot 7 little man syndrome body and not because I have gay fantasies but because he’s tough guying a fuckin’ immigrant with a camera.

Sure the paparazzi are annoying as hell, I’d get pissed off at them too, I wouldn’t try to break their cameras, I would just follow them home and and rape their wives or kidnap their kids or something. Because if I am going to get arrested, I am going to do it in a way that I get to keep any dignity I might have but breaking a real law and none of this vandalism shit. I guess Kanye should just wishes he could run back home to his mom in their middle class, educated, zero street credibility life where the paparazzi don’t bother him, but he can’t cuz his momma’s dead.

Either way, here’s some Pink Giving the Finger Cuz She’s More Hardcore and has more Cred than this Kanye West Bitch of the Day…

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  • Gina

    I always thaught she is a disgusting bull dike….he fake marriage was a PR shame

  • Candi Apples

    Poor Kanye West,it must be hard being filthy rich and famous.(insert sarcasm)

  • Pete

    That camera was asking for it.

  • Glen Quagmire

    Pink would beat Kanye’s ass like the Incredible Hulk vs. Woody Allen.

  • Ronny Rumsfeld

    Kanye is gay.
    He knows it, and everybody else knows it; but he doesn’t know that everybody else knows.

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