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Lohan Hit the Paparazzi of the Day

Lohan punched a paparazzi in the face and everyone is making a big deal out of the shit. They don’t realize that she didn’t do it because she hates the paparazzi because they are invading her personal space or tripping her at events by cluttering her, she actually likes the paparazzi and considers them her friends and a huge part of her marketing campaign that’s why she always tips them off as to where she is going to be. She did it because she’s a fucking lesbian now, or at least pretending to be a lesbian, and she just finished reading the chapter on hating all things with a dick and doing everything you can to destroy all things with a dick in her lesbian training manual. She she’s just trying to stand her tough guy stance and she’s doing it by straight punches to faces. It’s nice to see that lesbianism hasn’t made her an angry little rat of a person, and that she’s finally at peace now that she’s found herself. I figure all she needs is a good dickin’, like some seriously hardcore fuckin sex to bring her back to that calm, drug addicted Lohan we all loved. I am sure you can relate to the frustration she’s feeling, considering you’ve spent the last couple of years trying to find ways to masturbate that simulates the sex you once had, knowing all the while that it just doesn’t feel the same as doing the real deal. I give Lohan a few more fights before she finally caves in and goes back to cock while Ronson stands on the sidelines upset that her firm controlling grip got loose….

Either way, I hope I get invited to the wedding.

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  • Candi Apples

    I watched that footage 4 times,and did not see
    Lindsay Lohan punch anyone.

    But,Lindsay Lohan is the Shannen Doherty of this generation,and is known for her violent temper/cat fights.

    Lindsay Lohan should thank her lucky stars that she gets the attention she does,because her firecrotch is very undeserving of it.

    Gotta luv Brandon Davis for coming up with the nickname Firecrotch for Lindsay Lohan.

  • Pete

    I didn’t see shit. That camera guy should be fired.

  • We have some exclusive videos of this incident in NYC and we’ve posted them on youtube for everyone to enjoy — http://www.YouTube.com/StupidFamousPeople — check out Lindsay Lohan paparazzi punch, and also the Samantha Ronson’s mother video. They’re awesome! And feel free to embed them in any future posts if you’d like to share them with your readers. Cheers! ~Stupid Famous People~

  • celeb or not, were all people … after that guy yelled “they got that on film bitch” … she should had turned around and socked him.

  • bobo

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  • I love Jennifer Lopez. Badly she is not my Girlfriend :).